Friday, September 22, 2006

Remote Audio Training on Mobile Handheld PDAs

My software engineers added some very cool new features to PointSync last week. The feature I found most intriguing was the ability to add audio files to business logic and button actions. Now a field service technician can request audio instructions (remote training help) on what information needs to be associated with a field on their mobile application. Here is an example:

Field service technician - " do I answer this question about parts used on my work order?"

Press the Audio file button next to the field - "parts used refers to the parts you pulled out of inventory to use on a customer's repair job."

Field service technician - "Now I understand"

You can also use these audio files in data validation alerts. For example:

Audio File - "BEEP! The answer must be a number between 14-99"

For multi-language purposes - you can include audio instructions in multiple languages.

These are just a few of the cool things my software engineers are doing in the dimly lit back room in the glow of their monitors.