Monday, June 19, 2006

Newspaper Deliveries and Mobile PDA Solutions

This week my team is working on a proposal to help a major newspaper reduce waste and the overstocking of newspapers at specific locations. They want better visibility into the actual sales of newspapers at commercial locations, and the number of overstocked inventory they are picking up and recycling.

The benefits they are seeking are:
  1. The ability to accurately predict, produce and deliver the amount of newspapers that will sell at a specfic location
  2. Reduce the cost of picking up overstocked newspapers, transporting and recycling them
  3. Improve their ability to sell more newspapers at under-stocked locations

The cost savings from having near real time data collection by drivers can save large amounts of costs in over production, over-stocking, under-stocking, recycling, etc.

This is another example of how much a good mobile solution can impact the bottom-line of a company. The solution we are proposing will take advantage of the power in MobileDataforce's PointSync.