Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Inspections on PDAs

Inspections are one of the most common types of applications that customers request, and there are soooooo many different kinds of inspections. We are currently working on projects and proposals for the following:
  • Tulip bulb inspections - The Netherlands
  • Environmental Occupational Safety and Health for the FAA
  • Board of Pharmacy - Inspecting pharmacy licenses
  • Cattle inspection
  • Automobile inspection
  • Quality Assurance - food processing plant inspections
  • Street sign inspections
  • Many more....

On a phone call today, the gentleman said he could conduct 20 inspections in a day, but each inspection takes 3 hours to type into the computer system once he returned to the office. The inefficiencies are enormous and expensive.

Handheld PDAs, PDA Phones and rugged handheld computers can all collect, store and synchronize the inspection data from remote locations directly into a configured database application back in the office. No wonder inspectors love handhelds!!!