Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Cattle Tracking Systems, RFID & Handheld PDAs

A very interesting company called Micro Beef, just announced an addition to their ACCU-TRAC® Systems Suite solution for tracking and managing cattle called ACCU-TRAC® Mobile. This solution includes RFID, Psion Teklogix handheld computers and MobileDataforce's PointSync software. The press release discusses the purpose of this solution:
  • animal identification
  • traceback
  • compliance
  • management
  • simplifying data collection processes so that farmers and ranchers can unlock the value of animal identification and tracking
  • designed to safeguard the health of the U.S. national herd, protect America’s producer interests, and meet the 48-hour traceback requirements of state and federal health officials in the currently voluntary National Animal Identification System.

My team is excited to be working with Micro Beef on this solution. This is one of those projects that can have a major impact on an entire industry.