Monday, January 02, 2006

2 Kinds of Mobile Software

Today we are going to discuss two different kinds of mobile software. An electronic forms based application, and full functional mobile database centric applications.

You can start simple and cheap by replacing all paper forms and clipboards with electronic forms on handheld computers. These applications usually don't contain databases, just simple data files that you can sync to your backoffice database. MobileDataforce's Intercue Mobility Suite achieves this aim admirably. You are able to quickly achieve a positive ROI by avoiding the need to re-type data from paper forms to computer systems in the office. The data goes straight from the handheld computer to the enterprise database thus avoiding re-typing errors and misinterpretations. You can also synchronize via a wireless or mobile phone connection and avoid the need to hand deliver the forms.

If instead, you not only want to fill out an electronic form on a handheld computer, but query information from your product catalog, or customer history, or latest inventory levels, then you would want a mobile software application that was developed with a relational database management system (RDMS) to store information for look-ups. MobileDataforce's PointSync accomplishes this goal. With PointSync you are able to rapidly develop a mobile version of your enterprise software application that synchronizes data from the field.

In summary, if you want a mobile interface/mobile client for an existing database application in the backoffice, then you will likely want to use PointSync. If you simply want to replace paper, then MobileDataforce's Intercue Mobility Suite is a great place to start.