Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What's New in HTML5 - Week of February 20, 2012

HTML5 is gaining momentum in the war for multimedia dominance, but Flash still wins, according to gaming source One More Level.  Read original content

For better performance with HTML5 web content Microsoft recommends Internet Explorer 10 over other platforms.  Read original content

GamesMadeMe Founder and CEO Juha Paananen states “The browser will become the dominant platform on desktop and mobile and people will start to expect that they can play the same game and be part of the same experience on all devices…most games of the future will be designed so that you can access them from anywhere.  Read original content

Sencha has launched a new program to assist Adobe Flex developers to become more productive migrating to HTML5.  Read original content

Microsoft is bypassing HTML5 and launching native mobile apps for its customer relationship management (CRM) software, stating they’re watching HTML5 closely, but the focus “is to provide the best possible experience on native devices today."  Read original content

Despite some limitations, gaming platform Zynga is embracing HTML5 for its cross-platform aspect and other numerous advantages says  Zynga's CTO Paul Bakaus.  Read original content

The HTML5 accessibility website ( has scored Mozilla’s Firefox way ahead of other Windows browsers for HTML5 accessibility support.  Read original content

According to Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox, the mobile web will edge out mobile apps in the long term, as technologies like HTML5 improve.  Read original content

Microsoft highlights HTML5 in a Valentine’s Day browser demo.  Called “Love is in the Air” (, the demo experience “brings together hardware-accelerated HTML5 canvas, SVG, CSS transforms & transitions, WOFF, audio, and more”, according to IE group program manager Rob Mauceri.  Read original content

AppMobi has made its playMobi HTML5-based game development SDK available for beta testing.  The SDK will provide tools for development of games in iOS, Android and Facebook platforms.

The beta version of Google’s Chrome 18 browser is now available, and it includes GPU-accelerated rendering to allow games and animations built using the HTML5 Canvas tag to run faster and smoother.  Read original content

How does HTML5 fit into your mobile strategy?  Wilter du Toit, CEO of Virtual Mobile Technologies, weighs pros and cons in an opinion piece in IT News Africa.  Read original content

HTML5 doesn’t work in IE, won’t be ready until 2022, and isn’t “ready for prime time”.  These are three of the ten myths a Microsoft developer says is holding HTML5 back.  Read original content

Websites to explore that help you learn more about HTML5.  Read original content

StackMob, the cloud-based platform for mobile developers, has announced the launch of their hosted HTML5 service for desktop, tablet and mobile.  Developers can also use the new service to host HTML5 running in native apps.  “Eventually, HTML5 is going to win because of this network-connected device world.”  Read original content

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