Wednesday, October 06, 2010

New Trend - Carry More Mobile Devices Til You Can't Walk No More

iPhone, iPad, Netbook, Blackberry
OK, I don't want to report this trend.  I am all about convergence and combining more and better features into small pocket size devices called smartphones, but my journalistic side beckons.  I have conducted quite a few interviews with leading minds in the enterprise mobility space (read the series here).  In these interviews one of my favorite questions is, "What mobile device do you carry?"

Here are some recent answers to my interview question:
  • I carry a BlackBerry, iPad, Netbook, iPod, and I have a desktop in the office.
  • Three devices.  An iPad, iPhone and a BlackBerry.  I use the BlackBerry for work and the iPhone and iPad because I love it.
  • I carry two mobile devices, the iPhone for personal use, and the BlackBerry Bold for professional use.
  • Two iPhones - one for work and one for personal use.
  • I have four mobile smartphones and rarely leave home or the office without two or more in my pocket. 
WHAT IS GOING ON?  What happened to my beloved convergence story?  Rather than a trend toward convergence I see the opposite happening.  OK, it is now time to be introspective.  I carry an iPhone, iPad, iPod and a laptop.  I am embarrassed to say that I am also a victim of this trend.  In addition, I am kicking myself for not having invested in batteries and cable manufacturers.

In a recent interview with Rich Padula, CEO of Syclo he said, "All devices have pros and cons.  On complex work orders, I would not recommend a BlackBerry.  Windows Mobile and laptops are often used for more complex mobile applications.  We see a lot of  'companion' mobile devices where there is a laptop in the truck and a smartphone in the pocket of the service technician."

Gil Bouhnick, with SAP mobility partner ClickSoftware and author of the blog Mobile Fever, carries three to four mobile devices with him at all times.  His excuse is that he needs to conduct quality assurance and test all of their ClickMobile applications on the various screen sizes and devices.  The bottomline, he loves technology.

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