Monday, March 16, 2009

More Information on the SAP and Sybase Mobile Software Partnership

Last week I wrote about the recent partnership announcement between SAP and Sybase. This week more pieces of information are coming out. This is a good article with more details:

Here are the additional pieces of information:
  • This partnership will enable SAP's applications, based on its integration and application platform NetWeaver, to be delivered to mobile devices using Sybase technologies such as M- Business Anywhere mobile content and application platform.
  • Sybase will get access to SAP's 40 million licensees worldwide through the arrangement.
  • Products will begin to appear on the market in the second half of 2009.
  • The move helps SAP approach the mobile market in a device-agnostic delivery model.
  • "[SAP] clearly needed a mobile device solution and sought out a qualified partner instead of going it alone," wrote Jack Goldfounder and principal analyst at J.Gold Associates.
  • "The mobile solution will not be sold or delivered directly by SAP. Rather, this will be a referral sale with the two companies collaborating on the pre-sales efforts, but with Sybase providing all of the products, software, and installation of the solution."
  • In this article Sybase's iAnywhere is clearly defined as the deliverer of this solution

These additional details make it perfectly clear that existing vendors using iAnywhere's products have an opportunity now with SAP's 40 million users.