Friday, February 13, 2009

Sky Technologies have announced the launch of SkyMobile Smart Client for SAP® on Nokia Smart Phones and PDAs

Sky Technologies out of Australia seems to be spending some big money to make a push into the SAP mobile application market. In the past week I have read about their expansion to the USA with the opening of a Seattle, WA office, and the release of a new framework for mobile SAP integration. On top of all that, they state they will support the following operating systems, Windows Mobile, Blackberry platforms, iPhone and Android smart clients in 2009.

Sky Technologies has announced the released of its SkyMobile Smart Client for the Symbian OS (Series 60 3rd Edition FP1+). “This enables SAP® users to effectively deploy mobile solutions such as proof of delivery, field service and business work flow solutions onto a wide range of Symbian based handsets. This is primarily targeted at the Nokia smart phone market and is designed to be pre-cursor to the new Symbian open platform."

If Sky Technologies' information is accurate it represents tens of millions of dollars worth of investment in supporting multiple mobile device platforms and operating systems in a tough economic climate. It will be interesting to see if this shotgun approach to developing mobile software and throwing large amounts of money at growing a mobile software company in a rough market will pay off, or suffer the same results as Appforge and Dexterra.