Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mobile Service Orders for Furniture Repair and Delivery

The July edition of Integrated Solutions magazine has a case study called, Real-Time Mobile Computing Saves Time In The Field. This case study describes how Kane's Furniture saved 32 man hours per day by converting from a paper based service order system, to using mobile service order applications on handheld computers. Their solution was designed, delivered and deployed using MobileDataforce's PointSync. The solution included the following components:
  1. Daily Service Orders sorted by Service Truck
  2. Description of tasks or service orders
  3. Customer location and driving directions
  4. Status of service order (completed, incomplete, pending parts, etc)
  5. Digital signature for customer to sign on the completed work order

These features are synchronized with the main service order CRM system at the office. If you would like a personal demonstration of MobileDataforce's wide range of work order and service order applications please contact MobileDataforce.