Tuesday, March 14, 2006

RAD Tools for Mobile Applications

My definition of a RAD tool is a Rapid Application Development application that allows a user to rapidly create mobile applications. What is the significance of a RAD tool? It is absolutely required if you are trying to quickly build a mobile business application.

No one wants to spend months or years of expensive time and energy developing synchronization features. No one wants to spend months or years figuring out how to integrate mobile applications with backend databases. No one wants to spend months developing connectivity with Satellites, GPRS, integration with RFID, Bar code, GPS, Digital cameras, etc. No one that is, except a few crazy mobility gurus and developers here at MobileDataforce. We have spent over 24 man years designing and developing a RAD tool for mobile applications called PointSync.

The purpose of this application is to do all the boring, time consuming work on your behalf, so you can spend your time configuring mobile applications to give you the best "return on investment". Our customers often say that over 80% of their mobile application requirements are already available in the RAD tool, PointSync. These users can reserve their time for configuring their mobile business processes, not optimizing C++ code for use on a large variety of different mobile handheld computers.