Thursday, May 23, 2019

Using the World's Largest B2B Network to Make Commerce Easier

Global commerce can be incredibly complex and expensive for global buyers and sellers. In this episode, Etosha Thurman, Head of Global Business Network at SAP Ariba, shares the challenges and complexity of global buyers and sellers experience trying to transact business. She then explains the value of collaborating on SAP Ariba to improve efficiencies, processes and to spend more intelligently. Finally, she talks about the ability for buyers to discover sellers that offer products they need on SAP Ariba’s Discovery platform.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Combining Experience and Operational Data for Full Situational Awareness

Throughout history military leaders have suffered through the “fog of war.” The desperation of not knowing information critical to success. Information as basic as:

1.    Where am I?

2.    Where are all my people?

3.    What are all my people doing?

4.    Where are my opponents?

5.    What are my opponents doing?

6.    Where are my friends?

7.    What are my friends doing?

8.    Where are my supplies?

9.    What capabilities will I have available, at different times and places?

10. What are the geographic and environmental conditions at each critical location?

The answers to these ten questions were/are critical for implementing the right strategies and tactics to win. Likewise, the absence of answers to these questions are equally impactful. Leaders spend enormous amounts of time and energy defending against all the possibilities represented by a lack of data. Think about a scenario of being lost in a dark forest at night with an unknown dangerous predator. Which direction would you face? How would you defend yourself? It is difficult in the best of times, but the absence of data can make it excruciating!