Tuesday, June 15, 2010

M2M Market Overview Part 2 - Consumer Electronics

I just completed a 40 page analyst report on the M2M industry last week.  It is a fascinating market, but I am relieved it is finished.  Analyst reports are like taking a four week final exam at the university.  If you are interested in the M2M (machine-to-machine) or embedded mobile devices market for consumer electronics, you may want to watch this short video that I recorded on the consumer electronics segment of M2M.

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One of the things I am watching closely these days is to see if enterprise mobility vendors will add M2M data management to their offerings, or whether they will limit their support to smartphones and mobile computers.  What makes this interesting is that M2M/embedded mobile devices are sending mobile data to servers that are increasingly useful and valuable to ERPs (see attached image from http://www.m2mexpo.com/).  Where will the line be drawn between mobile enterprise applications and data from embedded mobile devices.  One is data from a human, and the other is data sent wirelessly from a machine. It will be fun to watch!

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