Kevin Benedict serves as the Managing Partner at Regalix, a Silicon Valley based company, focused on bringing the best strategies, digital technologies, processes and people together to deliver improved customer experiences, journeys and success through the combination of intelligent solutions, analytics, automation and services.  He is also an enterprise digital strategies expert, executive advisor, writer, keynote speaker and futurist. 

In the past 10 years he has taught workshops for large enterprises and government agencies in 18 different countries.  He maintains a busy speaking schedule at technology conferences worldwide. He has over 32 years of experience working with strategic enterprise IT solutions and business processes, and is a veteran mobile industry executive.  Kevin spent nearly 5 years working as a Senior Analyst and futurist at Cognizant and in Cognizant's Center for the Future of Work where he wrote numerous reports, over 100 articles, interviewed technology experts around the world and produced videos on the future of digital technologies and their impact on industries.

He has written articles published in The Guardian, wrote the Forward to SAP Press' book titled "Mobilizing Your Enterprise with SAP", published over 3,000 articles and was the featured thought leader and digital strategist in the Department of Defense's IQT intelligence journal.

Kevin has advised CEOs and CIOs around the world including GE's Jeffrey Immelt.  His clients include many of the largest global banks, insurance companies, automotive OEMs, utilities, energy companies, retailers, CPG companies, government ministries and NGOs.

Kevin lectures, teaches workshops and consults with companies and government agencies around the world to help them develop and execute their digital transformation and business strategies.