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Kevin Benedict's Mobile Commerce News Weekly – Week of February 22, 2015

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Mobile commerce will eclipse desktop by 2016, according to a joint study between Paypal and Ipsos. Between 2013 and 2016, the compound annual growth rate for m-commerce is projected to be 42 percent, versus only 13 percent for e-commerce.  Read Original Content

In the United States mobile commerce is anticipated to grow from $54.6 million in 2014 to $96.3 million in 2016, according to PayPal research. Compared to the roughly nine to eleven percent increase e-commerce is expected to see each year, m-commerce in the United States has a projected growth rate of between 32 to 26 percent each year through 2016.  Read Original Content

Pyrim Technologies Inc., a mobile commerce consultancy, announced the release of what it calls the Mobile Commerce Matrixes. The tool is designed to help companies who are developing consumer-facing products get a better understanding into the scope, scale and state of mobile payments in the context of the mobile commerce ecosystem.  Read Original Content

B2M Solutions’ mobile software delivers valuable insight and actionable analytics for enterprise customers. Business leaders and managers within the mission critical, rugged mobile enterprise now have operational views of key business and technology analytics affecting performance and productivity. B2M software is developed with specific functionality to help organizations identify and unblock mobility problems as soon as, or even before, they occur, allowing customers to sustain critical business processes and gain competitive advantages. To Lean more visit  This newsletter is sponsored in part by B2M Solutions.

Samsung has announced it will be acquiring mobile payments technology firm LoopPay. The acquisition is expected to help Samsung better compete in the mobile commerce space, which has become filled with companies that are seeking to gain the favor of mobile consumers throughout the world.  Read Original Content

Mobile now accounts for nearly half of all online retail traffic in the United States, according to the latest IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark.  Read Original Content

Myntra an India fashion retailer has announced its plans to become a mobile-only marketplace by the end of the year. Also in India, Snapdeal declared 65 percent of their orders come from mobile and by the end of the year they expect this to grow to about 90 percent.  Read Original Content

Purchases made through mobile devices accounted for 9.7 percent of all e-commerce volume in Brazil in 2014. Most of these transactions were carried out with smartphones (56 percent), which exceeded the volume originated by tablets, according to a WebShoppers.  Read Original Content

A survey by Placeable, involving 1,000 consumers in the U.S.A., said that while mobile apps may be there, people simply aren’t using them. The survey determined 42 percent of smartphone owners had never made a purchase on their device. Moreover, only nine percent of those who had access to mobile payments said that they actually used them.  Read Original Content

Mobile commerce continues to push retail sales, both in stores and out, but it is also costing retailers. A new study from TeleSign estimates m-commerce fraud is costing about $240 million in losses each year for enterprises. Much of the loss is due to data theft and breaches in security.  Read Original Content

Rampant interest in mobile payments is expected by 2015, along with a significant increase in mobile commerce. Because of this, Gartner, Inc. predicts by 2017, U.S. customers' mobile engagement behavior will drive mobile commerce revenue in the U.S. to 50 percent of U.S. digital commerce revenue.  Read Original Content

As a part of a greater effort to try to boost card-based transactions and to encourage financial inclusion, banks in Mexico are now working with vendors providing mobile payments technology in order to roll out mobile point-of-sale solutions at small business locations.  Read Original Content

Experian, a leading information services and credit organization, has predicted there will be a major shift in commerce in the coming years. The company has released a new study that suggests mobile payments will be in wider use than debit and credit cards by 2020.  Read Original Content

According to Cisco, 61 percent of application users have a better opinion of a brand when it provides a good mobile experience, with the highest impact when used with location-based cues. One shopping mall reported over a million WiFi connections and a 60 percent opt-in for promotions, after having installed an app with location-based features.  Read Original Content

Zapp, a mobile payments provider, has released a report that says using smartphones to complete purchase transactions is actually safer than buying something over an e-commerce website. The company explained that people using this type of service can better “…carry out secure transactions…” Read Original Content

Rabobank, a Dutch multinational bank, has launched a new application that will facilitate mobile payments. The app supports NFC technology and is currently available for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3. Named Rabo Wallet, the new app serves as the bank’s next step in engaging mobile consumers.  Read Original Content

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