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Mobile Health News Weekly – Week of March 23, 2014

The Mobile Health News Weekly is an online newsletter made up of the most interesting news and articles related to mobile health that I run across each week.  I am specifically targeting information that reflects market data and trends.

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Graham Dodge’s website and mobile app, Sickweather, produces localized maps of sickness outbreaks by tapping into the chatter on social media. In real time, it tracks everything from flu to pink eye and from strep throat to chickenpox.  Read Original Content

Vodafone and pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca have teamed up to provide mobile health services for improving treatment of cardiovascular conditions.  The two companies will create mobile and Internet-based services to support patients, including helping them stick with treatment plans.  Read Original Content

iDoc24 has expanded the focus of its teledermatology platform to include children’s skin problems.  First Derm users send photos of affected areas of skin to a licensed dermatologist through the app. The images are reviewed and assessed within 24 hours of submission.  Read Original Content

Catavolt is the most secure way to rapidly build mobile apps that work with all enterprise systems and all mobile devices. IT departments rest easy with Catavolt’s industry-leading “No Data at Rest” security platform, and a no-coding app creation approach that efficiently addresses the backlog of business requests for mobile apps. Business users receive apps that are custom-tailored to their business process, and a high-performance, native user experience that fully utilizes the devices they carry today. This newsletter is sponsored in part by Catavolt.

This week, 9to5Mac published details about Apple’s long-rumored foray into health and fitness tracking. Healthbook reportedly monitors a wide array of vital stats, from nutrition, physical and weight metrics, blood pressure, blood sugar, hydration, and oxygen saturation.  Read Original Content Content

Weak computer skills, poorly designed user interfaces and the lack of a compelling reason to use mHealth tools are prime reasons the elderly are not embracing mobile healthcare technologies, reveals a new University of Waterloo study.  Read Original Content
Mobile monitoring of diabetic employees can save more than $3,000 a year in healthcare costs, half of the average annual medical insurance cost for workers diagnosed with diabetes, according to recently published TouchEndocrinology.com research.  Read Original Content

A new mhealth study, conducted by Megan Ranney, focused on adolescent females checked into the emergency department. The study explored the optimal language, structure and regularity of text message intervention, as well as the feasibility of such a program.  Read Original Content

Medgate has launched the new 360 Degrees Healthmanager mobile health app in Switzerland, in partnership with Swisscom. The app provides users with access to medical care at any time and wherever they are. It offers around-the-clock access to a doctor, as well as tools to help users to manage their health.  Read Original Content

ZMQ Software aims to apply the skills of India’s fast growing technology and healthcare sectors to the high maternal and infant mortality rates in India. The information is sent through visual and sound-based reminders from the company’s server to the user’s mobile phone, bypassing the Internet.  Read Original Content

Capitalizing on the penetration and massive current and future growth of Android - based smartphone and tablet devices throughout Africa, Mobilium Global is proud to announce the launch of its Smart Health application in seven African countries in March 2014.  Read Original Content

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