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Mobile Commerce News Weekly – Week of September 29, 2013

The Mobile Commerce News Weekly is an online newsletter made up of the most interesting news, articles and links related to mobile commerce and marketing, mobile payments, mobile money, e-wallets, mobile banking, mobile ads and mobile security that I run across each week.  I am specifically targeting market size and market trend information.

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CU Wallet, a mobile payments technology provider, has launched a credit union centric mobile wallet application. Since the announcement of the product, 15 credit unions have signed an agreement with CU Wallet, the company said.  Read Original Content

Google has been making an effort to overhaul its mobile commerce platform, called Google Wallet. The Wallet is based on NFC technology, which means only devices equipped with this technology can actually use it. This has become one of the greatest criticisms of the mobile commerce platform among consumers, and Google has been listening intently. Google has plans to nix the NFC requirements of its Wallet platform in order to make it more accessible to a wider range of consumers.  Read Original Content

According to BI Intelligence, The number of U.S. smartphone users using mobile coupons has increased dramatically - from 7.4 million in 2010 to 29.5 million last year. By 2014, that number is expected to surge to 47.1 million.  Read Original Content

While social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies add a new dimension to your model, to fully maximize their value consider the sum is greater than its parts. The formula for the Future of Work is called SMAC - social, mobile, analytics and cloud on one integrated stack, where each function enables another to maximize their effect.  To learn more about SMAC and Cognizant please visit  This newsletter is sponsored in part by Cognizant.

In response to the growing interest in mobile payments and money services among the Nigerian people, Fortumo has now launched its latest product, which allows for these transactions within that West African nation.  Read Original Content

A recent report from research firms IDC and App Annie shows games for iOS and Android platforms make four times the revenue when compared to games for Sony and Nintendo handheld devices. The vast majority of these mobile games encourage consumers to spend money by offering additional content, some of which can only be unlocked through the use of digital currencies, which can be bought at any time.  Read Original Content
Major South African e-commerce players are noting a big increase in the number of people engaging in mobile commerce – but the platform still faces many challenges in terms of accessibility and payment.  Read Original Content

Research results were recently revealed by ICM, and were published in Retail Week. The ICM research showed that 60 percent of all shoppers don’t plan to use mobile commerce at all throughout the length of the holiday shopping season. That said, one-third of the respondents to the survey do plan to use their devices in at least some way as a part of the overall shopping process.  Read Original Content

According to ZenithOptimedia, in the U.S., mobile ads will account for 3.7 percent of all ad spend ($6.2 billion) by the end of the year.  Read Original Content

The Interactive Advertising Bureau in conjunction with Ovum released their report Marketer Perceptions of Mobile Advertising – 2013 and the future looks strong for mobile although significant challenges are in play.  Read Original Content

ActionX, the first platform that connects the dots between mobile customer acquisition and mobile retargeting, announced a partnership with Branding Brand, the largest mobile commerce platform to major retailers.  Read Original Content

In June fifty-five percent of all Internet shopping began with a smartphone or tablet, according to a study by comScore and The Partnering Group. Mobile devices appear to be used for help making a decision or checking prices. In the second quarter, 69 percent of purchases were closed on a desktop device with 34 percent from tablets and 21 percent from smartphones.  Read Original Content

Engage Mobility, Inc. has implemented location-based mobile marketing using geo-fencing and geo-targeting to help businesses effectively reach viable customers. This propriety platform, aptly named the Mobile Engagement System, enables focused outreach to hyper-local consumers based both on their proximity to a retail location, and their relevancy by time, interests and demographic.  Read Original Content

Android Police reported the release of Gmail 4.6 for Android wasn't just about adding new cards and a cleaner design - the APK file is also hiding something a bit less welcome inside.  According to code extracted from the latest build 836823, the Gmail app may soon be infested with mobile advertising - including the ability to potentially save ads to your inbox.  Read Original Content

eBay announced its acquisition of Braintree, a mobile commerce specialist, for $800 million. The company plans to combine Braintree with the mobile payments division of PayPal in order to bolster its growing mobile commerce infrastructure.  Read Original Content

Facebook has lost another prominent advertising executive. Grady Burnett, the social network’s VP of global sales and operations, has joined the app measurement and ad firm Flurry as chief operating officer.  Read Original Content

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