Wednesday, August 14, 2019

TVchannel-as-a-Service - Why Not? Part 1

For the last 10 years I have been recording executive interviews and sharing them on YouTube. YouTube worked well as a video hosting platform, but was also annoying.  The look was cluttered and distracting.  YouTube purposely directed my viewers away from my content with their algorithms. YouTube inserted advertisements in my content.  As a result of these annoyances I created a wish list:
  • Ability to set up multiple channels
  • An Interviewer or channel host profile with social media links
  • An Interviewee or guest profile with social media links
  • "Key Takeaways," descriptions of where to find specific topics in a video
  • Edited transcripts for those that would rather read the interview
  • Corporate colors and branding
  • Ability to add podcasts
  • etc.
When I joined Regalix's leadership team nearly 2 years ago, I was excited to have my own video editing and animation teams, marketing experts, software developers, multimedia experts and social media teams.  I sat down and sketched out my vision for an online TV platform and presented it to them.  They liked it and in January of this year it went into production.  You can view it here -  

We have been publishing leadership interviews to since January of 2019, and now have over 150 interviews published on all kinds of different topics including emerging technologies, innovations, marketing and sales trends, leadership strategies, cybersecurity, distributed ledger technologies, etc.

Today we have over 11 channels in production on different topics.

In my opinion every company and marketing department should have their own online tv channel.  I will argue this point in my next article and discuss what it takes to operate an online tv channel.

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