Thursday, August 15, 2019

TVchannel-as-a-Service - Why Not? Part 3

This is Part 3/3 in this article series (read Part 1 here).

Too often marketing departments seem to all be using the same marketing plan.  I argue that having your own online tv channel makes a bigger marketing impact and differentiates you from competitors.

Here is how it works.  Identify your target market and create an online tv channel that appeals to them!  Find a fun and knowledgeable person on your team and let them host the channel and interview subject matter experts, leaders, partners, customers, etc., in your target market as a way to provide value to your viewers.

Since it is your tv channel, you can promote your brand and engage with your audiences any way you want.  You can insert 15, 30 or 60 second announcements, how-to-clips or advertisements.  You can encourage your target market to subscribe to videos, podcasts, articles, updates, etc., and to receive weekly newsletters of new programs available on your channel. 

How do you do all of the tv channel production work without your own resources?  Add the resources you need to your monthly subscription.   You can record your own videos and let the services part of your TV-as-a-Service take care of all the rest.

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