Wednesday, August 14, 2019

TVchannel-as-a-Service - Why Not? Part 2

Key Takeaways
In Part 1 of this article, I discussed the reasons we designed and developed  In Part 2, I am going to share how utilizing a TV-as-a-Service, like, can be a very effective marketing tool.

In just about every technology conference I attended this year, a third party was hired to set up a temporary TV studio to cover the event.  The video content was usually streamed on various social media channels during the conference.  Once the conference ended the studio was taken down, packed up and closed down.  What about the other 362 days of the year?  Why is having a temporary tv studio at an annual conference a good idea, but not a permanent tv studio?  The answer is likely the cost.  Today, however, there is a low cost TVchannel-as-a-service available to companies.

I propose there is real business value in having a branded, corporate tv channel 365 days a year.  I also propose it is a very cost effective marketing tool.  One 30 minute video interview with a subject matter expert can easily produce over a dozen marketing assets.  Think about how long it would take an SME to write a 6-page paper.  My guess three or four days minimum.  If you interview the SME for 30 minutes, you can get nearly the same amount of content in just minutes.

Each video interview that is recorded, can be used to generate many different marketing assets.  A video interview can generate "key takeaways," audio for podcasts, transcripts for articles and much more.  Clips of the video can be made into bite size assets perfect for sharing on social media.  Still images can be captured and memes created with key quotes from the interviews inviting viewers to watch the entire interview, etc.  Once you have a library of videos, compilation videos can be easily produced which helps optimize the value and ROI.  At the end of each week, a newsletter including links to all new videos on the channel can automatically be generated and sent to subscribers.

How do you create videos if you don't have your own resources?  A TV-as-a-Service offering can provide you with both an online tv platform with your brand, plus the video production services that include video editors, producers, assistant producers and video hosts.  They can produce your content for specific projects, or on monthly retainer that includes defined weekly deliverables and programming.  I use this service.  I record leadership interviews most often from my studio in Boise, Idaho.  I upload the interviews and a video production team immediately edits, adds introductions and endings, names, titles and templates, then publishes and distributes on social media and converts the audio into podcasts and provides me with an edited transcript I can turn into a blog article.  This same service is now available to everyone.

In a world where interactions with prospects, partners, customers and even employees are increasingly digital, having a dedicated online tv channel is an exceptional way to interact with your  target audiences.

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