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Kevin Benedict's Mobile Industry News and Strategies – Week of June 21, 2015

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U.S. mobile transactions now account for more than 30 percent of all ecommerce transactions and are expected to reach 33 percent by the end of the year in the U.S. and 40 percent globally, according to new Criteo research. Leading the charge are fashion, luxury and travel verticals where one in three transactions are now on mobile devices.  Read Original Content

According to Research and Markets, the mobile commerce market in the US is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 25.72 percent over the period 2014-2019.  Read Original Content

Asia is now the biggest market for mobile apps, according to data from Yahoo’s Flurry analytics.  From April 2014 to April 2015, the analytics firm found mobile app usage grew 77 percent, driven by an explosion in shopping apps as Asian economies leapfrog the PC and start shopping en masse on smartphones.  Read Original Content

Apple Pay and Facebook's "buy" button could help solve a problem with mobile commerce: Smartphone users tend to browse for products but often don't pull the trigger to buy.  Read Original Content

Buyable pins, announced earlier this month is the latest big development at Pinterest. The visual-based social media site now enables users to buy the products they see.  Read Original Content

According to HSBC, a leading bank, mobile payments are expected to reach $100 billion within the next 18 months. People are becoming more comfortable with paying for products and sending money to others via apps, and these apps are becoming more plentiful and some are offering consumers robust services.  Read Original Content

Global mobile Internet commerce growth is projected to balloon to US $850 billion in 2018, according to TechCrunch data. Asia will be the top user of mobile commerce, with probably half of the predicted revenues coming from the region, according to the projections.  Read Original Content

According to KPCB Digital Growth Funds head Mary Meeker, companies like Snapdeal and Flipkart today see close to 70 percent of their business coming from mobile, while Chinese companies like Alibaba are closer to 50 percent.  Read Original Content

Mobile devices are gobbling up a bigger slice of the proverbial sales pie. In a new report, eMarketer estimates US retail mobile commerce sales will near $77 billion in 2015, up 32.2 percent from 2014. By 2019, mobile sales are set to double to $153.50 billion.  Read Original Content

New research from Javelin Strategy & Research found that 23 percent of consumers choose to use their smartphones as a primary access point for their checking accounts, compared to 17 percent who prefer to visit the branch.  Read Original Content

Australians are among the world’s fastest adopters of mobile banking, according to the survey of consultancy firm Bain & Company. Survey figures from Bain had showed that 38 percent of the interactions of Australian customers occurred using a tablet or smartphone in 2014 compared to 22 percent in 2013.  Read Original Content

Britons are now checking their bank balance on their mobile phones more than anywhere else.  Banking apps were used 10.5 million times a day across the country in March, eclipsing the 9.6 million daily log-ins to internet banking services, and both services are still growing rapidly, according to data from the British Bankers’ Association.  Read Original Content

Button, a pioneer in mobile deep linking, announced it has partnered with Foursquare to enable consumers to book an Uber directly from the Foursquare app. Powered by Button, the partnership between Foursquare and Uber marks Button's launch on the Android platform and first expansion into international markets.  Read Original Content

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, Google is gearing up to enter the mobile commerce game. The search giant will begin showing buy buttons in mobile search pages, which will redirect clickers to Google’s own product page where the purchase can be configured and even completed using stored payment information.  Read Original Content

EBay has rolled out the beta version of Promoted Listings, a self-serve cost-per-sale ad product, to select eBay Stores merchants. Promoted Listings, which will be widely available in June, appear in desktop and mobile searches and are optimized based on past searches or purchase propensities.  Read Original Content

Healthcare market research company MedPanel conducted a poll on 415 doctors in the US and found that only 15 percent are talking to their patients about the capabilities of mobile health apps and wearable devices.  The results also show physicians said nearly 40 percent of patients not using wearables would benefit from these tools.  Read Original Content

The global mobile health market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 33.5 percent between 2015 and 2020, according to a new report from Allied Market Research. The market was valued at $10.5 billion in 2014.  Read Original Content

At an advertising conference in Cannes, Facebook is showing off what it believes could be the next iteration of mobile advertising.  Rather than viewing static images, users would have the option to scroll through various pixel-dense pictures or GIFs. Facebook’s concept makes use of 3D modeling for 360-degree views of an item.  Read Original Content

Ericsson, a leading communications technology firm, has announced it has formed a partnership with Verifone Mobile Money. The two companies will work to make it possible for Ericsson’s to participate in the mobile payments sector.  Read Original Content

A recent survey by Research Now Group sought to determine the usage of mobile health apps and their potential in healthcare. One of the key findings illustrated is that 86 percent of those surveyed believe health apps will increase what doctors know about their patients.  Read Original Content

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