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Kevin Benedict's Mobile Health News Weekly – Week of April 5, 2015

The Mobile Health News Weekly is an online newsletter made up of the most interesting news and articles related to mobile health that I run across each week.  I am specifically targeting information that reflects market data and trends.

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An estimated seven in ten U.S. adults say they track at least one health indicator, and 21 percent of this group use some form of technology to track their health data, according to data from the Pew Research Center.  Read Original Content

The National Health Service in the UK is taking steps to create a curated database of government-approved mobile health apps, starting in the area of mental health. NHS England launched a library of five approved apps on its NHS Choices website, which gets 40 million visits per month, according to the NHS.  Read Original Content

According to a new PriceWaterhouseCoopers Health Research Institute report, 86 percent of clinicians believe mobile apps will become important to physicians for patient health management within the next five years.  Read Original Content

B2M Solutions’ mobile software delivers valuable insight and actionable analytics for enterprise customers. Business leaders and managers within the mission critical, rugged mobile enterprise now have operational views of key business and technology analytics affecting performance and productivity. B2M software is developed with specific functionality to help organizations identify and unblock mobility problems as soon as, or even before, they occur, allowing customers to sustain critical business processes and gain competitive advantages. To Lean more visit www.b2msolutions.com.  This newsletter is sponsored in part by B2M Solutions.

The number of mobile health apps is continuing to increase and doctors are embracing this trend, with more than one-third of physicians recommending their use in the past year, according to an article published in Medical Economics.  Read Original Content

Mobile health care is a hot sector for entrepreneurs right now. Just ask Aaron Goldstein, the founder of FeverSmart, a wireless patch thermometer that continually monitors your temperature and sends alerts to your phone if the numbers begin to increase.  Read Original Content

According to a SNS Research report, in 2015 alone, the mHealth market will account for nearly $13 billion. This will happen despite concerns being raised over data privacy, patient engagement, accuracy of data and industry and government regulations.  Read Original Content

According to Research and Markets, the global patient monitoring devices market is expected to reach approximately $24 billion by 2019 growing at compound annual growth rate of around eight percent. North America commands the largest share and is expected to register a healthy market share by 2019.  Read Original Content

A new survey conducted by Nuance has pointed out that 97 percent of patients welcomed the idea of having a doctor that would use mobile technology and computer technology at the time of a consultation. Fifty-eight percent felt that by having technology in an exam room, the examination itself becomes more thorough and easy to understand.  Read Original Content

The FDA has approved the use of an iPad app made by Brainlab's Voyant Health unit, which helps orthopedic surgeons with pre-op planning for hip replacement surgery.  Using the TraumaCad Mobile app, surgeons can import medical images from hospital imaging systems or secured cloud storage, as well as share the images.  Read Original Content

Qualcomm has announced that its subsidiary, Qualcomm Life, Inc., and Roche, a leader in point-of-care diagnostics, have entered into a strategic partnership to improve remote patient monitoring and management of chronic disease patients.  Read Original Content

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