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Kevin Benedict's Mobile Commerce News Weekly - Week of January 25, 2015

The Mobile Commerce News Weekly is an online newsletter made up of the most interesting news, articles and links related to mobile commerce and marketing, mobile payments, mobile money, e-wallets, mobile banking, mobile ads and mobile security that I run across each week.  I am specifically targeting market size and market trend information.

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According to a recent report from Infiniti Research, the United States is home to the world’s largest mobile commerce market.  Read Original Content

Just last month, a report from Juniper Research indicated mobile phone and tablet users will make 195 billion mobile commerce transactions annually by 2019.  Read Original Content

Analysts from RNR Market Research forecast the global mobile commerce market to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 32.23 percent over the period 2014-2019.  Read Original Content

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According to Monetate, mobile commerce experienced a period of healthy growth and activity during the 2014 holiday season. During this time, mobile purchases increased by 45 percent over what they had been during the time period of 2013.  Read Original Content

According to a report from ChannelAdvisor, online marketplaces saw a 16.2 percent increase in digital sales during the holidays. Much of this growth came from mobile shopping, as consumers opted to use their smartphones and tablets to purchase products rather than visit physical stores. Read Original Content

In developing countries with the right regulatory framework – such as Bangladesh – people are using their phones to store money digitally and make purchases. By 2030 eight percent of the adults without bank accounts today will be doing the same.  Read Original Content

A recent ASSOCHAM-PwC study said Indian e-commerce industry would cross $100 billion in the next five years.  Read Original Content

A growing number of developers in the digital currency space are looking to NFC to simplify and speed up secure payments. NFC transaction volume in the wider payments world has been forecasted to triple to $72 billion this year alone.  Read Original Content

ICICI Bank has launched India’s first contactless debit and credit cards that use near-field communication technology, enabling one to make payments by just waving the card near merchant terminals instead of swiping the same.  Read Original Content

Starbucks has emerged as the runaway leader in mobile payments at retail stores. Twelve million active users now pay for their Frappuccino with a wave of a phone. Of the $1.6 billion spent via smartphone in U.S. stores in 2013, the company claims, a full 90 percent went to Starbucks, and most payments experts don’t doubt it.  Read Original Content

Twitter is buying an India-based mobile marketing startup for an undisclosed sum, as it seeks to attract users in the developing world.  The Bangalore-based ZipDial sends consumers free text messages, app notifications and voice calls containing advertisements.  Read Original Content

Experts have predicted the roll-out and wider adoption of Apple Pay, Amazon Payments, PayPal and even Bitcoin will be the driving forces that finally make actual wallets and plastic cards obsolete, replaced by mobile payments and digital transactions executed with ease from a smartphone or digital wallet.  Read Original Content

Tesco, the British supermarket chain, has now launched a brand new mobile commerce app, but it isn’t the typical shopping or informational app for smartphone users, as it has been designed for Google Glass.  Read Original Content

A new Transparency Market Research has released a new report, which highlights the fact that the mobile commerce space has experienced strong, continuous growth.  More consumers are beginning to shop for products online with their smartphones and tablets, and this practice is becoming a very powerful force in the retail industry.  Read Original Content

Microsoft and PayPal have joined together in order to promote mobile payments on Windows devices. Through this partnership, Microsoft will work to bring PayPal Here, a mobile card reader, to the Windows Phone platform, which has been without a valuable mobile payments service for some time.  Read Original Content

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