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Mobile Commerce News Weekly – Week of September 22, 2013

The Mobile Commerce News Weekly is an online newsletter made up of the most interesting news, articles and links related to mobile commerce and marketing, mobile payments, mobile money, e-wallets, mobile banking, mobile ads and mobile security that I run across each week.  I am specifically targeting market size and market trend information.

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América Móvil's U.S. MVNO TracFone Wireless recently launched its new "Trac 'N' Save" digital coupon and wallet program, which the company said provides "the best deals, discounts and promotions from trusted partners" to its roughly 23 million customers.  Read Original Content

Facebook wants to put an end to typing billing details on the small screen, help developers and payment processors earn more money, and prove that its app install ads make money for e-commerce companies. So it’s rolling out last month’s test of “Autofill With Facebook” in partnership with PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree to two e-commerce apps, JackThreads and Mosaic, with more to come.  Read Original Content

This month, eMarketer revised its U.S. retail ecommerce sales estimates upward, reporting Internet sales originating from smartphones and tablets could now account for 16 percent of all American e-commerce purchases, excluding travel and ticket sales. The eMarketer data puts total U.S. retail mobile e-commerce sales at $41.68 billion for 2013.  Read Original Content

While social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies add a new dimension to your model, to fully maximize their value consider the sum is greater than its parts. The formula for the Future of Work is called SMAC - social, mobile, analytics and cloud on one integrated stack, where each function enables another to maximize their effect.  To learn more about SMAC and Cognizant please visit  This newsletter is sponsored in part by Cognizant.

According to a new study by PayPal focusing on the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, shopping on mobile is exploding in the region. Mobile transactions already represent 10 percent of e-commerce (a level similar to the rest of the world), but they are set to reach close to 20 percent of transactions in the Middle East by 2015, as the m-commerce market grows from 1.3 billion this year to 3 billion by 2015.  Read Original Content

A new study from the device recognition technology company AdTruth shows Apple is crushing its rivals when it comes to mobile commerce. Even though more Americans have phones running Google's Android operating system than Apple's iOS, 57 percent of purchases made on mobile phones during the first half of 2013 came through iOS.  Read Original Content
EBay Enterprise, the unit of eBay that builds technologies for retailers, has invested in Branding Brand, a Pittsburgh-based startup that optimizes mobile commerce websites and apps for a variety of different online and brick-and-mortar retailers. The investment round totaled $9.5 million, and was led by Insight Venture Partners.  Read Original Content

Google is adding new features to its Google Wallet app for Android devices, including the ability to send money to friends on a phone or tablet, as the search advertising giant continues to expand into new corners of digital commerce.  Other new features include expanded ways to use store loyalty cards, redeem discount offers and make purchases with a phone.  Read Original Content

At the 2013 Advertising Week in New York, mobile ad network InMobi has introduced InMobi Smart Ads, which are described as “personalized ads that boost brand engagement metrics”.  The company claims SmartAds have generated up to ten times higher interaction rate, three times higher install rates and more than three times the conversion rate of regular ads.  Read Original Content

Ads on smartphones and tablets will make up more than half of Twitter’s ad revenue this year, according to EMarketer Inc. That puts it ahead of Facebook, which generated 41 percent of its ad revenue from mobile promotions in the latest quarter. Google, the largest search engine, is estimated to receive slightly less than one quarter of its revenue this year from mobile ads, EMarketer said.  Read Original Content

Givenchy, the luxury design label, has announced it is launching a women’s wear mobile commerce application for the iPhone and iPad and that it will be available for the fall of 2013. Read Original Content

The new fingerprint scanning technology on the iPhone 5s is meant to provide better security for the iPhone and this could be the replacement for NFC technology the company has been looking for. The technology could potentially solve Apple’s security problems when it comes to NFC and mobile commerce because a fingerprint sensor would be a better authentication tool than NFC itself.  Read Original Content

Global digital marketing leader ExactTarget, a company, expanded its mobile marketing suite, introducing new capabilities for multimedia mobile messaging, location-based push notifications, and rich push notifications to apps on smartphones and tablets.  Read Original Content

Branding Brand, a leading mobile commerce vendor, has announced it has raised over $9 million in Series B funding. The company has made a major impact in the mobile commerce space, enabling large brands, such as Costco, Sephora, and Redken to facilitate mobile payments. Read Original Content

Online sales through mobile devices should represent up to 4.5 percent of the total handled by the Brazilian industry this Christmas, according to the director of the e-bit consultancy, Pedro Guasti.  Read Original Content

Worldwide shipments of GPS-enabled handsets are increasing and have become a standard feature in smartphones. In addition, development in Internet and network technology along with rapid growth of mobile personal devices results in the fast growth of mobile e-commerce and m-commerce.  Read Original Content

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