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Kevin Benedict’s What’s New in HTML5 – Week of May 5, 2013

Welcome to Kevin Benedict's What's New in HTML5.  HTML5 is predicted to be the dominant development environment for enterprise mobility over the next several years.  The questions are when and where should HTML5 be used today.  In this weekly update on HTML5 we report on this ongoing debate and other relevant news.

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Financial Times executive Rob Grimshaw believes the switch from a native app to an HTML5 web app is a success and challenges anyone to “tell the difference between our HTML5 app and a native app. There is no drawback to working in HTML5, and there are lots of advantages.”  Read Original Content

Developers are complaining about “doorslams” – when mobile sites bounce the user to a native app instead of displaying the web app’s content.  Read Original Content

Facebook has acquired the team behind HTML5-based mobile game engine  The team will continue to fully support Spaceport and developers will be able to continue to build and create apps, games and content through the platform.  Read Original Content

Antenna Software provides a complete cloud-based enterprise mobility suite that enables both IT pros and business executives alike to create and manage mobile apps, websites and content across the entire business.  This newsletter is sponsored in part by Antenna Software.

The consortium of organizations opposing DRM-protected media in HTML5-based sites have sent a letter to the W3C calling the proposed specification "disastrous" and claiming it "would change HTML, the underlying language of the web, to make it accommodate and encourage" digital rights management.  Read Original Content

HTML5 is number nine on Freelancer’s list of the top 20 skills categories for online or contract jobs for 2013.  Read Original Content
Social video startup Spreecast launched an iPhone app and mobile web streaming capabilities enabling users to stream videos in their mobile web browsers via HTML5.  Read Original Content

Web App Reviews is a site dedicated to reviewing Chrome Web apps and extensions for education.  Reviews include a written blog post and a short video covering what the web app or extension does as well as practical ideas for use in schools.  Read Original Content

Part two of “How to Build an Instagram-like Photo Sharing App with HTML5” featured on describes how drag/drop, File API, Canvas and Web Workers are used.  Read Original Content

The Belgian band Amatorski has created Deleting Borders, an interactive HTML5 project that lets users import photos from Facebook and incorporate them into a song.  There is also an HTML5 remixing tool enabling users to reinterpret songs with the click of a mouse or tap on the screen of a smartphone or tablet to create a visual effect that dictates the direction of the music.  Read Original Content

Cable operators are looking into changing to an all-IP system and slowly migrating away from legacy systems by using HTML5, changing the type of services the cable operators will be able to provide as well as how users interact in their environment.  Read Original Content

In an interview with InfoWorld, Sencha CEO Michael Mullany states their biggest competitor is native development, and HTML5 today is the number three development platform for mobile behind iOS and Android.  Read Original Content

BiTE interactive’s Joseph Farrell believes native app development is the only option for companies serious about their mobile strategy.  Read Original Content

In Netbiscuits’ infographic “The Road to a Universal Mobile Web Experience”, businesses are advised to start with a website over a native app and then supplement by implementing a cross-platform hybrid app strategy using HTML5.  Read Original Content

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