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Kevin Benedict’s What’s New in HTML5 – Week of May 12, 2013

Welcome to Kevin Benedict's What's New in HTML5.  HTML5 is predicted to be the dominant development environment for enterprise mobility over the next several years.  The questions are when and where should HTML5 be used today.  In this weekly update on HTML5 we report on this ongoing debate and other relevant news.

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Search Engine Journal describes five HTML5 features that are “major innovations” for search engine optimization.  Read Original Content

Technology firm Turbulenz is making its HTML5 gaming engine open source and now available to download.  Chief executive James Austin states “HTML5 isn’t about tech demos anymore”.  Read Original Content

Ericom Software’s Dan Shappir’s HTML5 presentation from last year’s BriForum independent desktop virtualization and enterprise mobility conference is now available in video and slide formats.  The presentation covers the features, capabilities and limitations of HTML5 and also digs into HTML source code.  Read Original Content

Antenna Software provides a complete cloud-based enterprise mobility suite that enables both IT pros and business executives alike to create and manage mobile apps, websites and content across the entire business.  This newsletter is sponsored in part by Antenna Software.

The Firefox OS Simulator 3.0, coded entirely in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, has been released and is now available for download.  Read Original Content

John Gruber, writing in, he believes “Web Apps vs. Native Apps is Still a Thing”.  He states, “web apps are the best way to reach the most possible people with the least effort; native apps are the best way to create the best possible experience.”  Read Original Content

Antenna Software’s webinar “Demystifying the Mobile Container” goes further than the native vs. HTML5 debate and delves into how more apps are being deployed using web technologies and "native containers" to deliver the best of both worlds.  The webinar is available for download.  Read Original Content

To showcase the potential for plugin-free game development inside a Web browser, Epic Games has released a new version of its Epic Citadel tech demo using open HTML5 and JavaScript standards.  Read Original Content

In “Why HTML5 Will be the Future of TV”, featured on, Justin Pearse states, “In exactly the same way that many in the mobile industry are betting on HTML5 to further stimulate open innovation on the mobile web, it could also play an significant role in driving the development of connected TV experiences.”  Read Original Content
ORBX.js. employs technology based on HTML5 and JavaScript and enables developers to bring virtually any application they desire to HTML5 capable web browsers regardless of operating system, hardware or form factor (as long as they meet minimum requirements performance-wise).  Read Original Content

Software developer Bart Read provides a tutorial on showing how to build a cross-platform mobile app with Azure Mobile Services using HTML5 and JavaScript.  Read Original Content

DMG’s Hagay Elyakim illustrates how HTML5 enables developers to build stunning animations and dazzling rich-media experiences with examples of “6 Mobile Ads that People Loved”.  Read Original Content

The Interactive Advertising Bureau released a new set of guidelines for using HTML5 to create and run digital advertising.  The goal of the guidelines is to provide best practices and formal ad formats for HTML5 technology.  Read Original Content

DreamFactory has launched the DreamFactory Services Platform, an open-source platform for building mobile HTML5 and native apps.  Read Original Content

The new version of Adobe’s Flash Professional features enhanced HTML5 support. The enhanced HTML publishing support now uses the updated Toolkit for CreateJS.  Read Original Content

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