Monday, March 25, 2013

Mobile Strategies Top 55 Articles

For those of you who are employed, and perhaps actually have a family and social life, you will have purposely avoided reading many of the articles I have written over the past 24 months.  That is to be celebrated!  However, some of the articles you missed may actually be worth a read so I have compiled a list of the top 55.  Enjoy!

The Best of Mobile Strategies:
  1. Thoughts on Mobile Strategies and Social Collaboration
  2. Time-Space Compression
  3. Speed, Mobility and Online Sales
  4. Connecting the Strategic to the Tactical - Enterprise Mobility
  5. Mobility, Business Transformation and the 5th Dimension
  6. Infonomics and Enterprise Mobility
  7. M2M, Enterprise Mobility and Healthcare
  8. M2M and Enterprise Mobility - The Convergence
  9. M2M, SAP and Enterprise Mobility
  10. SAP's Mobility Vision - Any Way You Want It
  11. SAP's Sanjay Poonen Discusses Mobile Strategies with Kevin Benedict
  12. Learning about the Real World of Enterprise Mobility in Scotland
  13. Avengers, Enterprise Mobility and Network Centric Warfare
  14. Enterprise Mobility, Mobile Sensors and Data Collection
  15. Mobile Strategies and Consumer Products Companies
  16. Mobile Strategies and Situational Awareness
  17. Guidance on Selecting a Mobile Solution Vendor
  18. Development Models for Enterprise Mobility
  19. The Black Hole of Enterprise Mobility Apps
  20. Can You Handle the Truth about Enterprise Mobility and Big Data?
  21. Money Ball, Big Data, The Internet of Things and Enterprise Mobility
  22. Enterprise Mobility - A Business or IT Strategy?
  23. Mobile Strategies, PIOs, Optimized Intersections and Patterns of Life, Part 1
  24. Mobile Strategies, PIOs, Optimized Intersections and Patterns of Life, Part 2
  25. How Long is too Long for Mobile App Development?
  26. Conjecture, Enterprise Mobility and Mobile Strategies
  27. Enterprise Mobility, Remote Sensors and Nervous Systems
  28. Mobility and 4D Field Services
  29. More on Mobility and 4D Field Services
  30. Enterprise Mobility and Institutional Memory
  31. Mobile Apps the Front End to Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
  32. Velocity in Field Services
  33. Enterprise Mobility is Not for Everyone, Just Most
  34. The Value in a Mobile Enterprise Solution
  35. Enterprise Mobility, PIOs and PIVs
  36. Mobile Apps and the Marriage of My Virtual and Physical Worlds
  37. Thoughts on Enterprise Mobility, Mobile Banking and Global Economies
  38. Research on Enterprise Mobility
  39. Smart Ideas and Enterprise Mobility
  40. Field Services, Enterprise Mobility and Strategies
  41. The Benefit of Custom Mobile Applications
  42. Enterprise Mobility - A Tank Half Full
  43. Enterprise Mobility, Netcentric Operations and Military Mobility
  44. Death by Mobile App
  45. Consumer Smartphones or Industrial Grade Smartphones?
  46. What I am Learning about Enterprise Mobility
  47. More on Change Management and Enterprise Mobility
  48. Social Networking and Enterprise Mobility in Less Developed Regions
  49. Recruitment and Enterprise Mobility
  50. Enterprise Mobility and Manned/Unmanned Systems Integration Capabilities
  51. Where Should Mobile Intelligence Reside?
  52. The Importance of Mobile EAM and M2M
  53. Enterprise Mobility Application Predictions
  54. Managing a Mobile and Network Centric Operation, Part 1
  55. Managing a Mobile and Network Centric Operation, Part 2
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