Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Notes and Videos from the Mobile World Congress 2013, Part 2

Day Two of the Mobile World Congress 2013, and also Wrinkle Tuesday.  My hotel does not have irons or ironing boards and it was on the MWC 2013 recommended list...ugh.

Here are some notes from my observations and discussions on Day 2:

  1. SAP Mobile Documents - this is an internally developed solution that acts like a secure Dropbox, but able to be central managed by IT.  Very useful!
  2. SAP is discussing M2M and/or The Internet of Things in at least two different locations here.  They have a demo in the Connected City, and a demo of a smart vending machine in their booth.
  3. Dropbox is also showing off an enterprise version.  You can now switch between a personal Dropbox and your enterprise version (secured and managed by your IT).
  4. SAP has developed several very interesting mobile B2C apps with deep social engagement models built in.  I love it.  One for sports teams and the other involving fashions and clothing.
  5. Firefox showing off their new mobile phones.
  6. SAP announced an M2M partnership with Ericsson.
I attended the Mobile Premier Apps awards session last night.  Several dozen start-ups were judged by different expert panels for viability and awards. There are many very clever developers out there. My favorite was BlindSquare.  A location based solution with audio information for the blind.  

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