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Kevin Benedict’s What’s New in HTML5 – Week of December 30, 2012

Welcome to Kevin Benedict's What's New in HTML5.  HTML5 is predicted to be the dominant development environment for enterprise mobility over the next several years.  The questions are when and where should HTML5 be used today.  In this weekly update on HTML5 we report on this ongoing debate and other relevant news.

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Developer Justin Vincent believes that with attention to detail, you can build beautiful native-feeling apps with HTML5, regardless of the bad press about how it can’t be done.  Read Original Content

Discussing HTML5 mobile web apps vs. native apps, Mark Sigal of Unicorn Labs believes it will be years before the web browser will become as functionally rich as a native application, and also states that “it’s a false dichotomy to suggest that native app economics is an argument against mobile native, and in favor of mobile web”.  Read Original Content

TabTimes international editor Doug Drinkwater states that as HTML5 mobile apps have greatly improved in 2012, they are here to stay, especially in business.  Read Original Content

ClickSoftware is an SAP mobility partner and the leading provider of automated workforce management and optimization solutions for every size of service business.  This newsletter is sponsored in part by ClickSoftware.

Fabricio Bloisi, Founder and CEO of Movile discusses HTML5 in this video from the Mobile Entertainment Forum 2012 Americas event featured in memeburn.  He believes HTML5 will be the dominant solution in the long term, but it’s not for everyone.  Read Original Content

Sencha has announced an “HTML5 is Ready” app contest to boost future HTML5 app development, offering over $20,000 for developers to build mobile apps to showcase the performance and design capabilities of HTML5.  Read Original Content
In an interview with PCQuest about HTML5, Adobe’s Paul Burnett states “we haven't even scratched the surface of what it can do” and “the future of browsers in mobile devices will be in HTML5, not Flash”.  Read Original Content

Developer Ravikumar Vadde details the HTML5 features he finds most useful in this article featured in Business2Community, believing that “these are the innovative ways of handling processes and information that could make HTML5 development the big winner over other front-end technologies”.  Read Original Content

Sonia Jackson describes six of the most useful HTML5 tools she found in 2012 in this article in  Read Original Content

The HTML5 specification introduces a number of new input types that make it easier for users to fill in web forms on mobile devices.  This blog post in treehouse from developer Matt West provides details on eight new input types introduced in HTML5.  Read Original Content

Web app HTML5 Please enables users to look up HTML5 and CSS3 features to find out if they are ready for use and how they should be used. The app is described in “10 Tiny Yet Useful Web Apps for Web Developers”.  Read Original Content

Dan Rowinski of readwrite believes HTML5 may have taken a step back in developer acceptance in 2012.  He describes “5 Trends in HTML5 In 2012”.  Read Original Content

This tutorial from CS50 provides an in-depth look at how to develop HTML5 apps and games for Windows 8.  Read Original Content

Telerik’s Todd Anglin shares his thoughts on where HTML5 is headed next, what is likely to happen over the next year, and what WHATWG adds to the HTML5 standards process in this article featured in The HTML5 Report.  Read Original Content

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