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Field Mobility News Weekly – Week of September 9, 2012

The Field Mobility and M2M News Weekly is an online newsletter made up of the most interesting news and articles related to field mobility that I run across each week.  I am specifically targeting information that reflects market data and trends.

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The town of Westminster, Massachusetts has automated access to its waste transfer station using RFID technology.  Read Original Content

The city of Redmond, Washington has unveiled a new GIS map-based online zoning code and property viewing system.  Read Original Content

The real-time location systems market has reached nearly $300 million in 2012, and forecasts see it coming close to $4 billion by 2022.  Read Original Content

Since 1995, Syclo has enabled hundreds of companies in 37 countries and industries supercharge their businesses with mobility.  This newsletter is sponsored in part by Syclo.

Garmin and Navigon GPS apps are getting new features such as public transportation info, parking finders and even walking directions with upgrades this fall.  Read Original Content

Gordon Sumerling of Esri Australia feels that GIS technology is a critical tool for creating the cities of tomorrow, and engineering firms that fail to incorporate GIS technology “will be damaged by cost and efficiency barriers that remove their ability to remain competitive”.  Read Original Content

California-based Tactus Technology is pioneering a new tactile user interface for smartphone touch screens in which the “tactile layer” will have transparent, physical buttons that can pop up when needed and disappear when not. Read Original Content

Holland 1916 has developed an RFID solution in which the RFID tag is embedded in the surface of a washer and attached with a bolt to the item to be tracked.  Read Original Content

The Geospatial World Forum – Monetizing Geospatial Value and Practices will be held May 13-16, 2013 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.  The conference “will invite discussions on ways each geospatial stakeholder community – government decision makers, end-users or technology providers – can extract the maximum utility and benefits out of their investments in geospatial infrastructure and carry forward the value created by this industry”.  Read Original Content

Trees in Whitby, Ontario, Canada will be getting data tags with barcodes for a database project for tree inventory and assessment.  The next step will be providing field staff with hand-held units to scan the barcode to retrieve the data for each tagged tree.  Read Original Content

A California orange grower and distributer is using barcode technology to determine which farm the fruit came from, how it was grown, any pesticides or fertilizers used in the process, and the day the fruit was harvested, hauled and shipped.  Read Original Content

Thanks to NFC and RFID technology, visitors to historic The Rocks district of Sydney, Australia can use their smartphones to receive an interactive tour of the area.  Read Original Content

The GPS-based Intelligent Speed Adaptation system will soon be mandatory equipment installed by automobile manufacturers in private vehicles in India with the goal of stopping speeding on the country’s roads.  Read Original Content

George Righter provides details to help businesses and consumers determine whether to select a direct thermal printer or thermal transfer printer for their barcode label printing needs.  Read Original Content

Getac has announced what it claims to be “the world's most rugged Android tablet”, the Z710, which is dust and water resistant, will withstand drops of six feet, and will operate in temperatures ranging from -4 degrees to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.  Read Original Content

Berg Insight predicts that 70 million North American and European households will use GPS to keep track of family members by 2016, up from 16 million in 2011.  Read Original Content

Useable QR codes made out of black and white cobblestones have been worked into the pavement to provide tourist information in Lisbon, Portugal.  Read Original Content

ILS Technology provides ready-to-use cloud based platforms to implement and manage M2M (machine to machine) and embedded wireless devices that connect to SAP.  ILS Technology simplifies deployments and offers unparalleled security to protect company and customer data and to ensure regulatory compliance. This newsletter is sponsored in part by ILS Technology.

Toyota and Denso Corp have partnered to develop an electronic data collection device for Toyota’s 86 sports car which will collect driving data, including GPS data, and transmit the data to software installed on smartphones and other devices for real-time monitoring.  Read Original Content

The RFID in Defense webinar will be held September 13, 2012, from 11 am to 1 pm EDT and will focus on “how the U.S. Department of Defense is achieving benefits through the use of RFID, as well as how its suppliers are meeting tagging mandates and achieving benefits, both internally and across supply chains”.  Read Original Content

Alien Technology and Teknopalas of Turkey have collaborated to create an RFID reader network application for Apple’s iPhone.  Read Original Content

The BarCode News provides the “Top 10 BarCode News Articles of 2012:  What’s Hot”.  Read Original Content

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