Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kevin Benedict's What's New in HTML5 - Week of August 26, 2012

Last week I downloaded the new native application version of Facebook mobile for my iPhone.  I must admit that I like the native application far better than the HTML5 version.  The HTML5 version was jerky, slow to load, and scrolling up and down the news feeds was rough.  The native version is much smoother and faster.  The winner of the Facebook mobile challenge is definitely the native application version. 

Now for the news...

According to the article “HTML5 vs. Flash for Gaming and Internet” from Gamer Syndrome, HTML5 is quicker and simpler than Flash and its benefits greatly outweigh the limitations.  Read Original Content

Research from InformationWeek Reports reveals that 74 percent of organizations have or will build custom mobile apps, and 52 percent of those building native apps say that until HTML5 matures, they can’t get the functionality they need in a browser app.  Read Original Content

The Dolphin Browser beta has passed the second of three hurdles in the Ringmark test designed by Facebook.  The test checks support for a wide range of HTML5 features. [Kevin Comment] this may no longer be relevant.  Read Original Content

SkyMotion has launched an HTML5-based web app that uses geolocation, radar observation, motion tracking and other technology bring the user precise up-to-the-minute knowledge of precipitation at their exact location. [Kevin Comment]  I like this! Read Original Content

Is HTML5 replacing the App Store?   While falling short on delivery of heavily animated or specialized experiences the user may expect, HTML5 brings a cost savings in both development and distribution.  Read Original Content

At the New York Times’ recent TimesOpen HTML5, Apps and JavaScript event, Terry Ryan from Adobe presented an update on what Adobe is doing around HTML5.  A slideshow of his presentation, “Adobe & Modern Web Development”, is available here -  Read Original Content

Fort Payne Alabama’s Times-Journal has unveiled a new HTML5-based mobile website, stating they used HTML5 “to produce a website that is optimized for mobile devices without the limitations that have prevented users from being able to look at certain sites on smartphones or tablets”.  Read Original Content

Web video consultant Lisa Larson-Kelley presents a high-level view of Flash, HTML5, and native app solutions, along with a clear strategy for playback across the widest variety of devices and platforms in this video, also downloadable as a PDF file.  Read Original Content

Adobe’s Muse HTML5 tool has been upgraded with added capabilities for planning, designing and publishing original HTML pages with built-in support for contact forms.  The upgrade also adds support for HTML5 animations created with Adobe edge.  Read Original Content

Transportation company Quality Distribution Inc., is utilizing HTML5 to enable employees and affiliates to access business applications via their mobile devices.  Read Original Content

Gartner’s recent Hype Cycle report ( shows HTML5 currently climbing the “peak of inflated expectations”, then it’s forecast to drop into the “trough of disillusionment” before climbing the "slope of enlightenment" in five to 10 years.  IDC, however, reported in March of 2012 that 79 percent of developers plan to integrate HTML5 in one form or another into their mobile apps in 2012.  Read Original Content

Robert Reinhardt of VideoRx provides a tutorial on “How to Optimize Video for HTML5 and Flash” in this video that can also be downloaded as a PDF file.  Read Original Content

Centigon has introduced the new version of its GMaps Mobile HTML5-based business productivity app for Apple’s iPad.  Read Original Content provides free online tutorials on HTML5 features, elements, forms and more.  ReadOriginal Content

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