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Mobile Commerce News Weekly – Week of July 1, 2012

The Mobile Commerce News Weekly is an online newsletter made up of the most interesting news, articles and links related to mobile payments, mobile money, e-wallets, mobile banking and mobile security that I run across each week.  I am specifically targeting market size and market trend information.

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Results from a joint survey by inMobi and Mobext indicate in-store shopping has been affected by mobile devices. Twenty-two percent of tablet users claim they have shopped less in physical stores since purchasing a tablet and 55 percent of tablet owners make purchases on their device in an average month. Read Original Content

The UK's NatWest Bank is to begin a four-month pilot trial of contactless NFC mobile payments with 1000 customers using the iPhone. Read Original Content

Credit card giant MasterCard and mobile carrier Deutsche Telekom announced they are teaming up for an effort to advance mobile payments across Europe. Read Original Content

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Kiwibank has released its mobile banking app for iPhones. The app is part of a suite of online innovations from the bank intended to revolutionize how people bank online. Read Original Content

The news that MasterCard and Deutsche Telekom are working together on a mobile payments framework to enable consumers to use their mobile phones as a way to buy goods and services is just another precursor to a gradual revolution that will see telcos become our future banks. Read Original Content

American Express announced its network roadmap to advance EMV chip-based contact, contactless and mobile payments for all merchants, processors and issuers of American Express-branded cards in the U.S. Read Original Content

In a consumer survey with over 3,000 participants from the UK and U.S., 37 percent of respondents said they need further information about NFC technology before they use it. Read Original Content

According to data obtained by Juniper Research, by 2015, the worldwide use of NFC payments is likely to have reached $74 billion. Read Original Content

To ensure large-scale availability of the NFC feature, Orange France will be rolling out NFC SIM cards across France, and will cover all of its 27 million subscribers. Read Original Content

The Federal Reserve, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Treasury Department are zeroing in on mobile payments as major financial-services players and a slew of tech firms are rolling out phone-based payment services. Read Original Content

Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 8, will support both NFC and a mobile wallet in the new version of its mobile operating system. Read Original Content

Visa is trying out phones that utilize NFC contactless payments during the London 2012 Olympics. Every Olympic athlete will be issued a Samsung Galaxy S3, and every Olympic venue will be filled with tills where you can pay using NFC. Read Original Content

Google’s new Save to Wallet APIs will allow consumers to save offers directly from a merchant's website into Google Wallet and then redeem them at the point-of-sale via NFC, mobile barcodes or by simply showing the offer code to the sales assistant. Read Original Content

MasterCard has teamed up with shopkick to amplify the mobile shopping experience. MasterCard cardholders can qualify for increased rewards through shopkick’s Buy & Collect program. Read Original Content

According to a study by the Integer Group and M/A/R/C/ Research, 18 percent of African-American consumers and 16 percent of Hispanic consumers regularly use their mobile devices for purchase transactions -- rates that are significantly higher than the 10 percent of white people who use mobile for online purchases. Read Original Content

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