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Field Mobility and M2M News Weekly – Week of July 8, 2012

The Field Mobility and M2M News Weekly is an online newsletter made up of the most interesting news and articles related to field mobility that I run across each week.  I am specifically targeting information that reflects market data and trends.

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Marketers are going beyond the norm and creating “designer QR codes” with different colors and even adding a logo to the center.  Read Original Content

The M2M Evolution Conference and Expo will be held October 2-5, 2012 in Austin, Texas.  Read Original Content

China Unicom, Telefonica and Telstra are working together to provide a solution to enable remote management of the subscription data of M2M embedded SIMs.  Read Original Content

Since 1995, Syclo has enabled hundreds of companies in 37 countries and industries supercharge their businesses with mobility.  This newsletter is sponsored in part by Syclo.

RFID technology was used in rebuilding the Christchurch City Library’s Papanui Library in New Zealand after the 2011 earthquakes.  The technology was used for self-loan stations to free up staff from issuing items and enable them to focus on customer service.  Read Original Content

Oil and gas firm Statoil is deploying RFID technology to manage the use of drill equipment on offshore oil rigs.  Read Original Content

Social GPS app Waze is expanding from smartphones to cars, with the first car models to integrate the software coming in late 2012.  Read Original Content

Field service software provider FieldOne Systems has announced a major update for the mobile component of its Terra solution. Terra Mobile 2.0 includes new features such as new scheduling capabilities, broader device support and upgraded sync for up-to-date information.  Read Original Content

As part of a National Science Foundation-funded project, Azavea built a hands-on set of GIS-based tools to teach students about the water cycle and watershed management.  Read Original Content

Telit Wireless Solutions announced the opening of a new office in Melbourne, Victoria to serve the growing M2M markets in Australia, New Zealand and the Oceanic region which includes Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia.  Read Original Content

Fujifilm UK is testing RFID-enabled kiosks, enabling customers to print or order photos stored on their mobile devices using a Bluetooth connection after tapping an NFC RFID tag on the kiosk.  Read Original Content

The Mobile Information Corporation has launched their Mi-Forms Mobile-Forms iPad & Android Apps, a suite of cross platform e-forms and workflow solutions.  Read Original Content

Beecham Research has released a free report detailing the Ericsson M2M Roundtable discussion held at CTIA Wireless 2012 in May.  Read Original Content

MobiWork has developed SmartTrack, an enterprise grade smartphone and cloud based GPS tracking solution for businesses with mobile workers or resources.  Read Original Content

China RFID has launched a rugged NFC keychain which can be read with iPhones and Android devices for mobile payment, mobile ticketing and loyalty services.  Read Original Content

An RFID gas tank safety system has been deployed in Italian gas stations, with an RFID sensor that can detect a potential leak and issue alerts when there is a problem.  Read Original Content

ILS Technology provides ready-to-use cloud based platforms to implement and manage M2M (machine to machine) and embedded wireless devices that connect to SAP.  ILS Technology simplifies deployments and offers unparalleled security to protect company and customer data and to ensure regulatory compliance.

Britain’s BAE Systems is developing a GPS alternative that will complement GPS but will also work in areas where GPS currently cannot function; it picks up signals from existing wireless systems, including television, radio, Wi-Fi and mobile phone networks.
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The barcode scanning and augmented reality app from Amazon subsidiary, Amazon Flow, is now available for Android devices.  The app was released in November 2011 for iOS.  Read Original Content

Demonstrating the value of mobile field data collection, Avista Utilities has released the results of a pilot project that utilized smartphones and mobile GIS to automate field data collection for exposed pipe surveys.  The results indicate an estimated payback period of less than one year.  Read Original Content

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