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Enterprise Mobility Asia News Weekly – Week of July 8, 2012

Welcome to the Enterprise Mobility Asia News Weekly, an online newsletter that consists of the most interesting news and articles related to enterprise mobility in Asia.  Asia is predicted to be the fastest area of growth for enterprise mobility between now and 2016.

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Enterprise mobility is evolving so fast that I thought it prudent to conduct a mid-year enterprise mobility survey with 20 short questions and share that information with you.  For that purpose,  I would be most grateful if you would take a few minutes to answer these questions and share your insights.  I will compile the survey results into a report and share it FREE with all survey participants. Please take the survey here.

A report from Pyramid Research predicts the Asia Pacific region will represent 42.3 percent of global mobile data revenue by 2017.  Pyramid Research recommends operators in Asia prepare for the mobile data traffic growth by beginning to integrate Wi-Fi into their networks.  Read Original Content

Fuji Xerox Taiwan, recognizing the importance of enterprise mobility, has appointed Dimension Data to help design a new network infrastructure to meet the demands of its increasingly mobile workforce.  Read Original Content

Apple has selected Auto-Navi as its partner for maps on future iPhones and iPads in China.  Chinese users of Apple’s devices with the next version of its mobile-device software will use Auto-Navi’s map service and data rather than Apple’s.  Read Original Content

Antenna Software provides a complete cloud-based enterprise mobility suite that enables both IT pros and business executives alike to create and manage mobile apps, websites and content across the entire business.  This newsletter is sponsored in part by Antenna Software.

To facilitate a forum for e-commerce players to extend their business networks and share information, an ‘E-Commerce Tour’ will be held in conjunction with an ‘Online Shopping Fair’ in Indonesia July 12-14, 2012.  Read Original Content

India’s Prizm Payment Services is planning to roll out a mobile payments service that will work on feature phones as well as smartphones.  Read Original Content

According to a market research report on enterprise mobile cloud computing from Global Industry Analysts, the fastest growing regional market is the Asia Pacific region with a compound annual growth rate of 44.5 percent.  Read Original Content

With a marketing pitch of “reach for your phone before you reach for your wallet”, eBay India is turning its focus to mobile commerce.  Read Original Content

According to a new research report, Online Payment and e-Commerce in China 2012, 73.9 percent of transactions are processed online.  Read Original Content

HP has launched a mobility platform for mobile service providers in India.  The platform includes the Enterprise Mobility Platform, the Enterprise Mobile App Store, and the Enterprise Mobility Gateway.  Read Original Content

Mobile satellite communications provider Inmarsat is providing its SwiftBroadband broadband solution to two airlines in the Asia Pacific region, Japanese airline ANA and the Philippines’ Cebu Pacific Air.  Read Original Content

Out of 12 Asian CIO’s polled, seven deem Microsoft’s upcoming Surface tablet a real alternative to Apple’s iPad.  Read Original Content

Game developers targeting the Southeast Asian market will focus on mobile advertising rather than in-app purchases as their main monetization model due to the lack of convenient carrier payment methods.  Read Original Content

ABI research forecasts that 624 million handsets will be sold in Asia by the end of 2012, representing a 6.9 percent year-on-year growth.  Read Original Content

E-learning providers state that companies in Asia have begun to seriously adopt e-learning with many focusing on customizing distance learning content for mobile devices.  Read Original Content

With the high broadband penetration and advanced infrastructure in Asian markets, the potential for working remotely or from home will continue to increase.  Read Original Content

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