Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kevin Benedict's What's New in HTML5 - Week of June 24, 2012

Kony Solutions has unveiled its Mobile App Manager, giving organizations a single environment for “deploying, managing, analyzing and securing mobile applications for all devices, across all channels, including HTML5, mobile web, native, hybrid, or mixed-mode”.  Read Original Content

A luxury real estate brokerage firm has re-launched its website, building the new site with HTML5 to optimize it for mobile, stating “over 90 percent of smartphones and tablets are HTML5-enabled, and almost 75 percent are HTML5 video only. Without HTML5, you are losing a considerable portion of your audience.”  Read Original Content

Adobe has announced the availability of Adobe Captivate 6, an upgrade to its eLearning software, with enhancements including HTML5 publishing with pause and resume capabilities for iOS and Android devices.  Read Original Content
Microsoft claims that Internet Explorer 10 “achieves dramatic performance gains for JavaScript-intensive applications, particularly HTML5 games and simulations” with page loads 30 percent faster.  Read Original Content

To show off HTML5’s current capabilities, QRlicious has compiled a list of “Our Favorite HTML5 Mobile Apps of 2012”.  Read Original Content

Facebook’s Ringmark tool is now completely open source, and more tests will be implemented in Ringmark soon to better test mobile browsers, as many browsers just aren’t fast enough yet to handle HTML5 games.  Read Original Content

Microsoft has announced that HTML5 support is being added to the Visual Studio LightSwitch tool, allowing LightSwitch apps to run on any platform with an HTML5 compliant browser, including Android, iOS and Windows 8.  Read Original Content

The creators of third party browser Dolphin claim that the latest beta version of the browser, the Dolphin Engine, earns a score of 450+ on the HTML5 browser compatibility test, rendering HTML5 five to ten times faster than Android’s default browser and 100 percent faster than Chrome.  Read Original Content

Adobe’s Dreamweaver CS6 provides development tools to incorporate HTML5’s interactivity and motion for designs on smartphones, tablets and desktops.  Read Original Content

Dot Com Infoway has released a new HTML5 infographic, “HTML5:  Past, Present and Future”, describing the evolution, key features and capabilities of HTML5.  Read Original Content

A major shift is occurring in the application development landscape, and an Oracle development executive states that it’s based on the "perfect storm" provided by the emergence of cloud, mobile and HTML5 as dominant themes in modern systems.  Read Original Content

Gizmox has released a downloadable Community Technology Preview of its Instant CloudMove Transposition Studio, which enables developers to experiment with the tools.  It allows any Microsoft Visual Studio developer to extend VB6 and .NET enterprise client/server applications into HTML5 web, cloud and mobile applications.  Read Original Content

Augmented reality browser Junaio has been upgraded with a new user interface and a new API with HTML5 and JavaScript support.  Read Original Content

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