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Enterprise Mobility Asia News Weekly – Week of June 24, 2012

Welcome to the Enterprise Mobility Asia News Weekly, an online newsletter that consists of the most interesting news and articles related to enterprise mobility in Asia.  Asia is predicted to be the fastest area of growth for enterprise mobility between now and 2016.

The PayPal South-East Asia and India Managing Director forecasts mobile commerce in Malaysia will reach RM3.43 billion in 2015, driven in part by higher penetration of smartphones and tablets.  Read Original Content

SAP India has opened a Mobile Solutions Center in Mumbai “to help customers experience SAP’s mobile innovations as well as understand how to integrate mobile solutions into their business strategy”.  Read Original Content

Due to the continuing surge in mobile devices, especially smartphones, mobile software engineering is one of the fastest growing areas in the Asian IT job market.  Read Original Content

Antenna Software provides a complete cloud-based enterprise mobility suite that enables both IT pros and business executives alike to create and manage mobile apps, websites and content across the entire business.  This newsletter is sponsored in part by Antenna Software.

YouTube has launched a new version for users in Indonesia, targeting advertisers as well as the local user community.  Read Original Content
Chinese mobile payment and value added solutions provider Trunkbow has announced the results of its annual shareholders’ meeting.  The official document is available at  Read Original Content

SAP is exploring opportunities in India’s transportation and logistics sector, developing “solutions around ‘big data', mobility and analytics for shippers and third party logistics companies who ship automotive components and consumer packaged goods”.  Read Original Content

The main manufacturer of Apple’s products, Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., has announced that it will go into the retail business mostly using the Internet rather than retail stores.  Read Original Content

Research firm Canalys predicts that smartphone models in China under $200 will account for more than 40 percent of the market by 2015.  Read Original Content

Online shopping platform Multiply has grown to 85,000 sellers in Indonesia by early June 2012, up from 25,000 in February of 2011.  Read Original Content

A report from MSL Group reveals that even with an internet population of over 121 million, India still has problems when it comes to e-commerce.  The report, “E-Commerce in India:  Evolution, Growth and Challenges”, is available here.  Read Original Content

Bharti Softbank and Yahoo Japan are collaborating in the development of a mobile internet portal in India.  Bharti forecasts that “India will be the second-largest mobile broadband market globally within the next four years with 367 million mobile broadband connections by 2016.”  Read Original Content

The Broadband Forum CEO has indicated that the Asia Pacific region has become the largest Internet Protocol Television market in the world, with 43.19 percent of the market share.  Read Original Content

In his article, “Enterprise Mobility is Older than the World Believes”, John Younghusband states that enterprise mobility apps began in the 1980’s with paging networks in Hong Kong and the U.K.  Read Original Content

The results of a recent survey of workers in Singapore conducted by Accenture revealed that two-thirds of respondents enjoyed greater job satisfaction when allowed to bring their own devices due to increased flexibility and freedom.  Read Original Content

Taiwan’s HTC has partnered with Tencent Inc. on an app store, video communications and security; and with Sina Corp. on account activation and cloud computing services and customized smartphones.  Read Original Content

HTC has formed a partnership with Cathay United Bank, EasyCard Corp., and MasterCard International to launch a co-branded card, and the company has unveiled Taiwan’s first smartphone that allows mobile banking services.  Read Original Content

Netscribes has launched a report “Enterprise Mobility Market India 2012” predicting the market in India will reach a compound annual growth rate of nearly 45 percent during 2011 – 2015.  Read Original Content and Read More Original Content

According to Google, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and South Korea have higher rates of smartphone use than the United States.  In Singapore, 74 percent of searches are performed using mobile devices, and in Indonesia, 78 percent of Internet users are using tablets or smartphones.  Read Original Content

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