Thursday, January 12, 2012

Enterprise Mobility Vendor Pyxis Mobile Becomes Verivo

Pyxis Mobile becomes Verivo
I received a call early this week from Pyxis Mobile's CMO Chris Willis.  He wanted to let me know of big and exciting changes happening at Pyxis Mobile.  The most obvious is their name.  They will henceforth be known as Verivo, The Enterprise Mobility Company.  On a branding and marketing note - they have also adopted the color purple.

In addition to their new fondness for all things colored purple, they are now sitting on top of a truck load of green cash from big name investors including Commonwealth Capital Ventures, Ascent Venture Partners and Egan-Managed Capital.  A grand total of $17 million in new cash from this latest round of funding.  This latest round is intended to fund their new super sized ambitions, new offices, new global expansion (Asia and Europe) and a lot of new hiring.  If you are a mobility expert looking for new and exciting work contact them.

Verivo (formerly Pyxis Mobile) has a lot of interesting mobile technology and a very unique pricing structure based not on numbers of users, but on servers.  This can dramatically simplify pricing and allows for unlimited numbers of mobile users.  This contrasts with many mobile vendors and ERP companies that charge by the user or transaction.

Verivo did well last year as Pyxis Mobile.  They reported 220 percent increases in license bookings, and revenue run rate of 50%.  Their customer base increased by 170%.  They are now focused on scaling globally.

It will be very interesting to watch how Verivo manages their growth and expansion in 2012.

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