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Mobility News Weekly - Week of July 11, 2011

The Mobility News Weekly is an online newsletter made up of the most interesting news and articles related to enterprise mobility that I run across each week.  I am specifically targeting information that reflects market data and trends.

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According to a study by Pew Internet and American Life Project, a quarter of Americans with smartphones use the devices as their main way to access the Internet.  About nine in 10 owners of such devices access the Web and check their e-mail each day through a mobile device.  Read Original Content

The number of teens who own smartphones has nearly tripled over the last two years, says a new study:  About 4.8 million teenagers owned smartphones in April of this year, according to research firm ComScore; in April 2009, only 1.7 million teens owned smartphones.  Read Original Content

According to Kantar Worldpanel's research, Android has surged from 10.7 percent of UK smartphones in June 2010 to a dominant 45.2 percent in June 2011, thanks to the popularity of phones from the likes of HTC and Samsung.  Read Original Content

Phones using iOS software currently hold 18 percent of the UK smartphone market, down from 30 percent last year, while RIM is showing a jump to 22 percent.  Read Original Content

Nokia still leads the pack with 95.5 million phones, boosted by its strong position in emerging markets, followed by Samsung's 73.7 million.  However, some Reuters analysts expect Samsung will narrow the gap in the coming quarters and one sees it overtaking Nokia in 2012.  Read Original Content

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According to Yan Chow, director of innovation and advanced technology for Kaiser Permanente, there are more than 9,000 health-related smartphone apps on the market, most segmented by phone operating system.  Read Original Content may introduce a tablet computer to compete with Apple's iPad, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.  The new tablet, said to be due out in October, will reportedly have a nine-inch screen.  It will run Google's Android operating system, the Journal said, citing unnamed sources. Amazon isn't designing the tablet itself. Instead, it will outsource the design of the device to an Asian manufacturer, the report said.  Read Original Content

Pyxis Mobile has launched version 7.3 of the Pyxis Mobile platform.  This latest release delivers enhanced offline capability that provides users of mobile apps built on Pyxis Mobile’s platform with the ability to access all of their critical data in real-time when outside of wireless coverage areas and delivers significant enhancements to each of the supported device clients.  Read Original Content

Google has launched an entirely new user interface for its mobile platform, completely changing the layout of the application portal. "The new Market client is designed to better showcase top apps and games, engage users with an improved UI, and provide a quicker path to downloading or purchasing your products," wrote Android developer Eric Chu.  Read Original Content

A recent research2guidance report forecast that the mobile application development services market will grow to $100 billion by 2015.  Though almost all of that money today goes toward app coding and design, 30 percent of the revenue by 2015 is expected to be from maintenance, analytics, distribution and extension services.  Read Original Content

Syclo has announced the release of Agentry 6, the newest version of its acclaimed mobile enterprise application platform.  One major area of improvement with Agentry 6 is the ability to deliver a more intuitive, native user experience on the widest range of mobile devices.  Read Original Content

Almost 13,700 people from 16 countries completed IDG Global Solutions surveys last spring.  More than two-thirds of the respondents worldwide said they use a smartphone for personal (73 percent) or business (69 percent) purposes.  In business and personal use, Nokia and Apple lead the way in Europe.  In the U.S., Apple (29 percent) and Blackberry (26 percent) are very competitive for business users, whereas Samsung (15 percent) is second to Apple (33 percent) for personal use.  Read Original Content

According to Fox Business, the stats released by Canaccord Genuity analysts T. Michael Walkley, Charles John and Matthew D. Ramsay indicate that Android smartphone owners are purchasing Apple’s iOS based iPad instead of going for Android powered tablet devices like the Galaxy Tab.  Read Original Content

Within 12 to 24 months more than 5.6 percent of all Android phones and iPads/iPhones could become infected with mobile malware if fraudsters start to integrate zero-day vulnerabilities into leading exploit kits, claims security firm Trusteer.  Read Original Content

The GSMA estimates that 38 percent of women, compared with 48 percent of men, have cell phones in the 149 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Eastern Europe that MWomen is targeting. A woman in those countries is 21 percent less likely than a man to have a handset, according to a February 2010 report by the GSMA and the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women.  Read Original Content

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