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Mobile Retailing News Weekly - Week of April 25, 2011

The Mobile Retailing News Weekly is an online newsletter that is made up of the most interesting news, articles and links related to mobile retailing applications and mobile marketing applications that I run across each week.  I am specifically targeting market size and market trend information.

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Advertising on mobile devices in China will more than double to $1.16 billion in the next three years, growing faster than the U.S. market.



AT&T is creating a program that will allow developers to run location-based ads in their smartphones.  This will allow AT&T to compete with Google in the location-based advertising market.



Visa is working with Gap to deliver real time discounts and promotions to opt-in consumers via SMS.



A Massachusetts company has created a smartphone app that allows customers to shop for groceries by scanning barcodes with their phone cameras.



EBay will acquire mobile advertising provider Where Inc., a move that will continue to help the Internet giant bridge the gap between online and in store shopping.



During the first quarter of 2011 mobile advertising investments grew by 38 percent.



Recent studies show that when it comes to shopping in store, 73 percent of shoppers prefer to use their phones for small in store tasks like finding the price of the product.  Only 15 percent of shoppers prefer to speak to an in store clerk.



ClickSoftware is an SAP mobility partner and the leading provider of automated workforce management and optimization solutions for every size of service business.  This newsletter is sponsored in part by ClickSoftware - http://www.clicksoftware.com/.


Google has added a feature that allows customers with smartphones to “check-in” when they arrive at retail stores and will be rewarded with discounts.



Isis, a collaboration between mobile carriers AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile USA, has announced a place and time for the launch of its own version of the NFC based payment system, planning to unfold it in Salt Lake City, Utah some time in 2012.



Mobile advertising networks delivered 340 billion filled and billed impressions across the globe in 2010, generating $794 million in media spending, and earning $254.3 million in net platform and media services-related revenue.



Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has agreed to acquire Silicon Valley startup Kosmix Corp., a move the world's largest retailer said underscores its plan to accelerate the company's social and mobile commerce offerings.


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