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Mobile Money News Weekly - Week of April 11, 2011

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VeriFone Systems Inc, the largest U.S. maker of payment terminals, expects to ship well over 1 million NFC enabled systems this year, underlining growing momentum for a technology that allows shoppers to buy with little more than a wave of a smartphone.


Google’s newest NFC mobile payments program may face Apple, Amazon and PayPal as competition in this emerging market.


Mobile banking is the wave of the future and leading the way are the newest generations. There are almost 80 million smartphone subscribers in the United States.  Banking applications make up 37 percent of all applications purchased for the Apple iPhone, Google Android and RIM Blackberry.


A company in Spain has released ATM machines that are equipped with contactless technology for all NFC enabled devices.


Visa Europe will invest 100 million euros a year in commercially launching mobile payments and developing its e-commerce service.


Research has shown that banks that are waiting on creating mobile banking features will soon be left behind as the market takes shape to offer widespread mobile capabilities.


Google Inc. is teaming up with MasterCard Inc. and Citigroup Inc. to embed technology in Android mobile devices that would allow consumers to make purchases by waving their smartphones in front of a small reader at the checkout counter.


The man who co-founded Twitter is now revolutionizing retail.  Jack Dorsey's latest venture, "Square," a small device that turns any mobile phone or tablet into a credit card reader, is now processing more than $1 million a day in mobile payments.


Mobile check depositing is the latest innovation in banking technology that is getting widespread use in the hands of everyday banking customers.


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Rumors say that Apple’s IPhone 5 will not be equipped with NFC technology which will be surprising to since many companies are releasing NFC equipped devices around this time.


Orange and Mastercard will jointly launch a new handset, which will have NFC technology embedded in it.  O2 and Visa are expected to follow with their own NFC enabled handset a little later.

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