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Mobile Retailing News Weekly - Week of March 14, 2011

The Mobile Retailing News Weekly is an online newsletter that is made up of the most interesting news, articles and links related to mobile retailing applications and mobile marketing applications that I run across each week. I am specifically targeting market size and market trend information.

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Berg Insight estimates that the total value of the global mobile marketing and advertising market was € 1.72 billion in 2009.  Growing at a compound annual growth rate of 41 percent, the mobile ad market is forecasted to be worth € 13.5 billion in 2015.



While today mobile represents 15 percent of online advertising, by 2015 it will represent 64 percent of all digital ads.



Recent reports show the total download app market for Android and iPhone will reach a whopping $15 billion by 2013.



AOL is trying to transform itself from an Internet service provider to a media company, driven by advertising.  And as attention shifts to the mobile Internet from the desktop, AOL realizes that it needs to kick start a mobile advertising business, too.



The mobile marketing industry in Kenya is set to see significant growth with the launch of the East African chapter of the Mobile Marketing Association.



Data from Forrester Research show that mobile marketing practices (and budgets) are on the rise across the board and should continue to increase in the immediate future.



Local market targeting as a mobile campaign tactic by members of its network grew 15 percent month-over-month in January 2011.



Display advertising like YouTube and other online video sites is currently a $17 billion business globally, but Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, predicts it could hit the $200 billion mark.



ATT is set to begin a program of mobile advertising that sends location-based deals via SMS or MMS when its subscribers are nearby.



Smartsoft Mobile empowers some of the world’s largest multi-national organizations to extend and improve business processes by providing mobile solutions to their employees and customers.  Smartsoft has more than 700 experienced ERP/mobile consultants with over 5,000 man years of experience helping 400,000 plus mobile users achieve their business goals with powerful mobile B2B and B2C applications, designed and developed specifically for today’s popular consumer and industrial grade mobile devices. For more information please visit, http://www.smartsoftmobile.com/.  This newsletter is sponsored in part by Smartsoft Mobile Solutions.


Apple set the bar high for its debut in the mobile advertising business, demanding a minimum spend of $1 million from advertisers looking to hawk their wares from its iAd platform.



AT&T plans to offer geofencing services for retailer – a virtual perimeter around a retail location, event, or any geographic area – in order to deliver appropriate location specific messages.  Participating consumers receive relevant marketing messages when they are inside a geo-fence, benefiting both consumers and marketers.



Last year when Facebook introduced its Places service, the Internet marketing media engaged in some serious debate as to whether Foursquare could survive this new competition. So far Foursquare has not been impacted.



Interactive advertising agency The Aura Group will provide search giant Google its MovieConnect technology, which discovers the location of Web surfers and puts local theater listings inside movie banner advertisements.


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