Monday, December 21, 2009

New Analyst Report by Mobile Market Development

Mobile Market Development and Wireless Profits has just published a report, that I authored, called Enterprise Mobile Data Solutions which is now available here.

The following is the synopsis.

Enterprise customers potentially offer MNOs (mobile network operators) high profitability, low churn rates and strong demand for mobile data services - but they bring challenging application requirements as well. Additionally, neither of the purchasing models of large enterprises or SMEs make it a given that MNOs will achieve the value-added primary relationship with regard to mobile data solutions that would assure future margins in this sector of the market.

  • Large enterprises will be likely to partner with vendors and systems integrators with specialist skills and knowledge of the business area, potentially making MNO selection a tactical issue based on coverage and price and allowing for multiple, competing MNOs to be selected.
  • Smaller enterprises (SMEs) are more likely to buy off-the-shelf solutions with some customisation performed by value-added-resellers.
As a consequence, a large and profitable market with strong growth may be difficult to address efficiently by MNOs unless they configure offerings and develop partnerships that will work well with the enterprise customers' own business and purchasing models. Mobile Market Development has researched and analysed this market to identify specific trends, strategies and models that can be used by MNOs to help them profitably address this market and its opportunities. The report concludes with a range of recommendations, some addressing the specifics of individual segments of the opportunity and others that deal with the overall approach that MNOs need to take to maximise their return from the very large spend that enterprises will make over the next few years in order to upgrade efficiency and effectiveness in their own mobile workforce.

Table of Contents
2.1Background to the Report2
2.2Report Content3
2.3Currency and Conversions3
3The Mobile Enterprise Market5
3.1Historical Perspective of Market Development5
3.2Current Market Status, Size and Growth7
3.3The Future - Convergence of Mobile Technologies9
3.3.2GPS Integration10
3.3.3Location Based Services10
3.3.4Mobile Workflow Extensions from the Enterprise10
3.3.5Turn by Turn Navigation and Route Optimisation11
3.3.6Geotagging - Static and Dynamic11
3.3.7Mobile Business Analytics12
3.3.8Network-Centric Businesses12
3.3.9Enterprise 2.0 and Mobile Data Solutions12
3.3.10Mobile Training Videos and Live Video Streaming12
3.3.11Smartphones - Personal and Professional13
3.3.12Mobile Device Management13
4Sales & Distribution Models14
4.2Orange's Partner Progamme and The Application Shop14
4.3AT&T MEAP16
4.4BlackBerry App World18
4.5Alltel Wireless Business Solutions19
4.6AT&T and Psion Teklogix19
4.7Sales and Distribution Channels Analysis20
5Mobile Enterprise Application Segments22
5.2Size-Based Segments22
5.2.1Large Enterprise Markets22
5.2.2SME Markets23
5.3Mobile Field Service Automation23
5.3.1Industries Served25
5.3.2Value Propositions25
5.4Mobile Sales Force Automation28
5.4.1Industries Served28
5.4.2Value Propositions29
5.5Mobile Asset Management30
5.5.1Mobile Proof-of-Delivery30
5.5.2GPS Fleet Tracking and Fleet Management30
5.5.3Industries Served31
5.5.4Value Propositions31
5.6Facility and Asset Management31
5.6.1Industries Served32
5.6.2Value Propositions32
5.7Mobile Resource Management (MRM)32
5.7.1Industries Served33
5.7.2Value Propositions33
5.8Mobile Data Collection33
5.8.1Common Use Areas for Mobile Data Collection34 Inspection Services34 Job Estimates35 Insurance Applications35
5.9Machine to Machine (M2M)36
5.9.1NV Energy and Telemetric M2M Case Study36
5.10Mobile Public Safety Applications37
5.11Mobile Health Monitoring and Telemedicine37
5.11.1Mobile Health Monitoring and Hemophilia38
6Mobile Device Considerations40
6.2How Enterprises Select Mobile Devices40
6.2.1Environmental Factors40
6.2.2Using the Device in the Real World40
6.2.3Device Technology & Functionality Issues41
6.2.4Budget Issues42
6.2.5Deals Available42
6.2.6Reliability and Support42
6.3How Enterprises Support Mobile Devices43
6.3.1Supporting and Managing the Mobile User43
6.3.2Technical Fixes45
6.3.3Security, Control & Central Support45
6.3.4Operational, Commercial & Management Issues46
7.2Market Opportunity48
7.3Segment Recommendations48
7.4Overall Recommendations50

Author Kevin Benedict
Independent Mobility Consultant, Wireless Industry Analyst and Marketing Consultant
twitter: @krbenedict