Monday, November 02, 2009

Mobile Field Services Score Cards

Mobile score cards for field service technicians. That is an interesting notion that is written about in this article. You combine mobile work order management applications, with mobile business intelligence dashboards and perhaps even mobile customer surveys. The results are a score that is shared company wide to all field service technicians.

In this scenario, everyone can see the total number of work orders a technician has completed each week, plus the results of customer satisfaction surveys and the totals of any products or services each technician has sold. This score is presented on a mobile dashboard on each of the technician's mobile handheld computers or Smart phones.

The idea is that a competitive spirit and peer pressure will encourage and motivate field service technicians to do the things that most benefit the company.

The customer service survey, each service technician must have the customer fill out on the screen of the mobile device, helps keep the service technician focused on the customer's satisfaction level.

Have you seen this kind of mobile software application before? Please share your thoughts.

Author Kevin Benedict
Independent Mobile Strategy, Sales and Marketing Consultant