Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Business Applications for Apple iPhones

MobileDataforce has just started a very cool mobile business application for use on the Apple iPhone. My team has over 50 years experience developing custom mobile applications yet are still excited about using their experience with the iPhones.

This iPhone business application involves the following:
  • Login to an office database application from an iPhone
  • Enter Sales Order information on the iPhone in the field and transfer the order to the database application in the office
  • Enter Shipping information on the iPhone and transfer the information to the database application in the office
  • Initiate credit card processing on the database application in the office
  • Receive acknowledgement of Order acceptance and CC processing
  • Initiate an order fulfillment and shipping process in the warehouse

This is just one of many iPhone applications and projects that MobileDataforce is reviewing and/or developing for our customers at this time. It is fun, but challenging as Apple has not provided complete tool sets for iPhone development yet. Currently we must develop many of the tools ourselves to address the needs of the enterprise business application market, but eventually Apple will offer more tools to simplify the most common enterprise integration needs.

Let the fun begin for the iPhone enterprise application market!