Friday, June 06, 2008

Custom Mobile Applications for PDAs and Handhelds or Off-The-Shelf?

Definition of "Off-The-Shelf" software: A software application that is pre-developed and can be used by many companies in the same industry.
Our clients often ask the following question: Should they buy a mobile application pre-developed for PDAs and handhelds for less money? The answer may be yes if they have a business exactly the same as many other companies and mobile software is available that fits it. The challenge most companies have is that some percentage of their business processes are unique. Some portion of their enterprise software or database applications have been configured specifically for their own unique preferences. Perhaps competitive business processes are the secret to their success. If this is the case - it is highly likely that a customized mobile application may be both necessary and advantageous.
Often successful businesses have developed unique business processes, unique methodologies and specific techniques that provide competitive advantages. If you want to continue these practices and ensure your mobile handheld business solutions support these, then a customized mobile software application for your field workforce may be your answer.
MobileDataforce provides mobile software solutions that enable companies to rapidly develop customized mobile applications that support your competitive business processes and customized back-office software applications.
- Kevin Benedict