Monday, May 05, 2008

Mobile Handheld PDAs for Scaffold Inspections & More

MobileDataforce has recently been working with a construction company to design a complete mobile software application for use on handheld PDAs for managing scaffolding construction and inspections. They selected a a Symbol MC9090 ruggedized handheld computer to use on the job.

I was surprised by how much work is involved with the construction, asset tracking and safety inspections on scaffolding.

Here is just an overview of the main menu of the mobile software application:

Users will choose from the six menu items:

  1. Scaffold Manager allows the user to erect, dismantle and revise scaffolds from the mobile device.
  2. Inspection Checklist allows the QA person to perform daily inspections.
  3. Work package will let users choose from predefined scaffold packages and sub-packages that include estimates of crew needed as well as duration times for erection and dismantle. Dismantle times are only an estimate and no work order will be supplied for dismantling scaffolding. (these work packages will be supplied by client prior to development of the application)
  4. Repair List is where the repair person will go to look at all the repairs for a given Tag number.
  5. Synchronize will let the user send and receive data at any time.
  6. Loss list is where the estimates of material and the actual materials are compiled to show a realistic view of the jobs.