Wednesday, February 27, 2008

MobileDataforce's Office and International Visitors

In the past few months MobileDataforce has attracted some very interesting customers and visitors from all around the globe to look at our mobile software for handhelds and PDAs. Last week in our office we hosted Mayor Dave Bieter of Boise, and just this morning we had a visitor from the French government. A few months ago we hosted visitors from the UK , the Netherlands and the Idaho State Board of Pharmacy.

MobileDataforce has also been interviewed by Fortune magazine, Forbes magazine, Inc. magazine and VAR in the past 4 weeks. Many of these interviews focused on quality of life and fast growing high tech companies in the inter-mountain region of the USA.

Our office is right on the Boise river and it is a very attractive destination for fisherman, mountain bikers and skiers. If you are a fishing fan - this Idaho Fishing Guide is a great place to learn about fishing in and around Idaho.