Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Managing Remote Locations & Franchises with Handheld PDAs

One of my marketing team members, Matt Jantz, has been working with a number of franchise companies that are interested in mobile handheld PDA solutions. He compiled the following list of reasons why a company with franchises or remote locations may want to mobilize their business processes.

  1. Streamline business process with immediate data transference from handheld devices to main office

  2. Save money, administration costs and time by going paperless

  3. Ensure business processes are being carried out correctly by franchisees and their employees

  4. Protect franchise name and reputation by ensuring processes are being completed to franchise standards

  5. Improve time and cost efficiencies by eliminating data interpretation and entry into home database

  6. Improve customer service by providing customers with prompt billing and service information

  7. Receive payment for service faster by getting payment on site (mobile credit card processing and or using mobile printers) or sending customer invoices and billing faster

  8. Ensure that employees are recording necessary customer and job information correctly on site with the use of data integrity features: data will not be sent to home office until required fields are complete

  9. Track sales at every location to ensure the franchising company gets their agreed upon percentage of sales from franchisees

  10. Ensure delivery and receipt of equipment and supplies by tracking them from origin to final destination

  11. Use handheld devices for onsite reference and training to help new associates learn the process and maintain the franchise reputation

  12. Allow field technicians to locate parts necessary for given jobs, retrieve pricing information, and provide accurate repair estimates

  13. Gain a technological competitive advantage over competition, which can be leveraged to smite competition and retain franchisees

MobileDataforce has delivered many world class mobile solutions for companies that have franchise models.