Sunday, February 10, 2008

Growing a Business Using Mobile Handheld PDAs

One of the major reasons small service companies call MobileDataforce is to investigate our mobile field service solutions for use on mobile handheld PDAs and smartphones and to try to understand how they can grow their business without adding additional administration resources and costs. This is the age old problem of how do you grow beyond the capabilities of the immediate owner/manager. The answer is to automate the business processes that are related to field services.
  1. Use wireless dispatching of service orders

  2. Synchronize completed service orders directly to the office accounting system

  3. Accept digital signatures on service orders completed in the field

  4. Use a mobile printer to print completed work orders

  5. Use time tracking on the handheld computer to monitor the time spent on each job

  6. Track inventory used on the handheld computer and have this information synchronized to the office so all parts and equipment usage is tracked

  7. Include a customer survey on the handheld device and associate the survey with each work order

  8. The handheld computer can remind the service technician to upsell warranties, maintenance programs and new upgraded equipment sales