Monday, February 25, 2008

Global Warming & Mobile Handheld PDAs

MobileDataforce is seeing more and greater effects from global warming and energy issues on our business. In our case, the effects are positive for our business. We have a growing reputation as a preferred provider of mobile solutions for large services companies that work on utility and government contracts. My mobility experts in our professional services organization can quickly and cost effectively deliver just about any custom mobile software application that is required by utilities and government agencies. Here are some examples of current projects we are working on that are related to global warming and energy issues:
  • Energy efficiency inspection and service ticket applications for utilities
  • Water efficiency inspection applications and service ticket applications
  • Disaster & Damage inspection and repair estimate applications
  • Public housing inspections in the Benelux
  • Housing Inspections in the UK
  • Canyon County Building Inspection application

Many of these projects are motivated by the need to conserve energy. In the case of both the mobile energy efficiency and water efficiency applications the purpose is to reduce the use of these two scarce resources.

The building applications and housing inspection applications are focused on compliance with government regulations. These include energy efficiency levels and environmentally sound practices.

We are asked more and more to help with inspection applications that can be used to quickly estimate damage from storms and bad weather.

Our customers are generally the company that is contracted to provide these services. Since these projects are often won through a competitive bid process, each service company is seeking ways to be more efficient so they can provide more services for less and keep a satisfactory profit margin.